From This Day Forward

Written by: D’be-D’be

Life changes so fast; at least it did for David and Oliver. David Bradford had been with the NYPD for over a year and was fitting in very nicely. He had received several commendations for his actions above and beyond the call of duty, and all in all, life was good.

His life with his partner, Oliver Newman, was sailing along wonderfully with no major problems or bumps in the road, that was until this past New Year.

David had just gotten off work and decided to stop for a pizza on the way home. He called Oliver at home on his cell phone several times to let him know what he was up to, but each time the line was busy. ‘Oh well,’ David thought to himself. ‘I guess I should know by now what Oliver likes on his pizza.’ So he went ahead and ordered a Hawaiian Pizza with the works.

When he got home, he rang the doorbell and when Oliver answered the door, David held the pizza in front of him and stated in a joking manner, “Pizza boy here with something delicious for you to eat and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the pizza.”

Oliver let out a chuckle as he pulled David and the pizza inside, but David knew something was not just right. Although Oliver tried to act gleeful, the joy wasn’t showing in his eyes.

“Hey Ollie, what’s wrong?” David asked as he followed Oliver and the pizza into the kitchen.

Oliver became very quiet as he reached into the wine rack to pull out a bottle of their favorite wine to eat with the pizza.

“Did I do wrong by picking up the pizza? Did you have other plans in mind for supper? I tried to call but the line was busy.” David knew he was rambling but he couldn’t help himself. Oliver’s mood was making him slightly nervous.

“No, baby; you didn’t do anything wrong. My mood has nothing to do with you directly. But the reason I am in this mood will affect you, I’m afraid.”

“For Pete’s sake, Ollie, stop talking in riddles and spit it out. Your secrecy is starting to scare me,” David stated as he began to set the table.

Oliver took a deep breath, poured them both a glass of wine and handed one glass to David. Then after taking a huge gulp, he looked his partner in the eyes and started his tale.

“The reason you couldn’t get me on the phone was because I was speaking to an old friend of mine from Cambridge, Mass. and he offered me a job as editor of the major Cambridge newspaper. The offer is very lucrative and the benefits are extraordinary. Although I love photography, becoming an editor of a major paper is something I’ve always aspired to. However, if I took this job, it means I would have to move and of course it goes without saying, I would want you to move with me. But you see, baby, there’s the dilemma. You just started your career with the police and you’re very happy here. How can I expect you to leave all that behind to follow me to Massachusetts in order to follow a dream?”

David’s mind was reeling. He was having a hard time taking all this information in. Oliver was right; he loved his job. But on the other hand, David loved Oliver more than anything else and by being selfish he would be denying his partner the chance to do the same thing that Oliver supported him in doing, leaving his negotiation job to join the NYPD. But still, leaving New York, moving to whole new state and starting all over again? He had to say something, because he knew his silence was sending mixed messages to Oliver.

“Ollie,” he started. “I….I don’t know exactly what to say. I would never stand in your way of following your dreams. I could never to that to you. But maybe we could….I don’t know, work in separate cities then get together on weekends?” Before Oliver could answer, David continued. “I know what you’re going to say. That would be very difficult and it could be harmful to our relationship and to tell you the truth, I don’t like that option either, but I….I….oh damn, Ollie, I don’t know….”

Oliver grabbed a piece of pizza and tried to take a bite. However, right now he had no appetite, so he threw the pizza down and dropped down in the chair with a huge sigh.

“I’m sorry, Davey. It’s not the greatest way to start a new year is it? I do know that living apart is not an option. I’ll turn the job down before it comes to that.”

David could see the hurt and confusion in his partner’s eyes and feeling responsible for some of that hurt, he turned his back as tears began to form in his eyes. He didn’t want Oliver to see him cry. That was the last piece of guilt he wanted to throw his way. He closed his eyes until he regained control of his emotions, then he turned to his partner who had put his head in his hands as he was overcome with sadness.

David swiftly walked over to Oliver and raised him up to take him in his arms. He held him close to him, all the while placing soft kisses on Oliver’s face and neck. As he felt Oliver relax in his arms, he began to rub his back in comforting motion. He was about to try to spout words of wisdom when a thunderbolt thought pounded into his subconscious. He pulled away from Oliver and grabbed the phone which Oliver had laid on the kitchen table beside the pizza box.

“Oh my God, Ollie!” David exclaimed. “I just got one of my brilliant ideas and I don’t know why it took me this long to think of it.”

“What is it, baby? What idea?” Oliver was perplexed by David’s sudden joyful mood, considering just moments a go he was confused and upset.

“It just dawned on me, Ollie. On the bulletin board at the precinct, there was a list of transfers available and there are vacancies in the Cambridge Police in their Community Relations Section. I know that is an area I would be good at because as you know, I’ve done several talks at schools this past year as well to service groups and the feedback was top notch.”

“But David,” Oliver interrupted. “You worked so hard to get unto the hostage negotiation team. It seems wrong of me to ask you to change areas of expertise.”

“Don’t be such a silly goose, Ollie. It would be a great change of pace and besides, if an opening came up in their Special Unit Department, I can always apply for that at a later date. So why don’t you dig into that pizza while I make a phone call to my Sergeant.”

David didn’t give Oliver another chance to argue the point. He gave him a quick kiss and then went into the den to make his call. Fifteen minutes later, he walked back into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face.

“The Sergeant was 100% behind my decision and he is going to call the head of Community Relations immediately. He told me the man owes him a few favors, so he doesn’t see any problem in having my transfer accepted. Besides, my record, as the Sarge stated, will be a huge factor as well. So there, the problem is solved. Why don’t you call your friend back and accept the offer?”

“Hold on, tiger. Let’s just wait until we’re sure you have the transfer; then I’ll call Tony back.”

“Okay, you’re right as usual. Now let’s eat some of this lukewarm pizza”

Oliver grabbed David and gave him a long hard hug as he commented. “I like my pizza lukewarm, but my men hot.”

“Well sir, I’m so hot I’m burning up,” David teased as he grabbed Oliver by an ass cheek. “Ya want to skip the pizza altogether? We can always heat it up later, while I heat you up right now!”

Oliver let out a low growl deep in his throat and was about to take David up on his offer when the phone rang. For a split second they decided to let the answering machine grab it; then reality cleared their heads. David reached for the phone, all the while staying in Oliver’s arms.

“Hello…..oh yes Sgt. Do you have good news for me?” Oliver pulled away from David so his young Brat could concentrate on the conversation. He leaned on the counter, all the while keeping his eyes on David and trying to read what the news could be by the expression on his face and in his eyes.

David was very good at keeping his expressions hidden; a trick they taught him at the Police Academy because after all, in his line of work he has to be very caution that the antagonist won’t gain the advantage by reading what David is feeling in his body language or facial expressions.

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate your effort on my behalf,” David replied to what the Sgt. was telling him. David was silent for a minute or so, listening to the man at the other end of the line. “Yes Sir, I can do that…..thirty minutes….” David hesitated as he looked over at Oliver and the now cold pizza. “One moment Sir, I have to ask my partner if it’s alright.”

David put his hand over the mouth piece of the phone as he turned to Oliver. “Ollie, the Sgt. asked if it would be alright if I returned to the station so I could partake in a live-web interview with the Chief of Police and the head of Community Relations in Cambridge. Is that alright with you?”

Oliver grabbed the pizza, threw it in the box and then put the box in the fridge. “Of course it’s okay with me, David. Look, I’ll go with you and wait in the lounge while you have your interview then we can go out for dinner. Does that sound good?”

“Sounds great; thanks, Ollie!” David exclaimed as he blew his Top a kiss.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, Sir, and again thank you.” After a few more words were exchanged, David hung up. The two men grabbed their jackets and made their way to the police station.


The interview lasted about an hour. The two police officers in Cambridge were very impressed with the young man. They told David to stand by while they consulted their notes and came to a decision. Fifteen long and nervous minutes went by until the web session was continued.

“Young man,” the Chief of Police stated. “Both Lieutenant MacDonald and I are very impressed by both your credentials and the way you present yourself. However, we think you lack the amount of experience it takes to become a Community Police Officer in our city at this time. If you would be willing to join our department as a patrol officer, in order to get to know the community, you would be serving and letting the community get to know you and we would be pleased to offer you a full time position.”

David didn’t even take the time to think it out. He knew this was the only way he could help Oliver achieve his dreams and at the same time avoid the problems of a long distance relationship.

“Chief, I would be more than pleased to become a patrol officer to prove my worth to both you and the community. When would you like me to start?”

“There is no immediate rush, Officer Bradford. Let’s say you come down by the middle of February, fill out the many forms the city requires and be ready to start your first shift by the first of March.”

David turned to his Sgt. who was sitting next to him and asked if that time-line worked for him. Finding the Sergeant in agreement, David thanked his soon-to-be boss for the opportunity and then excused himself to go break the good news to his partner.

He found Oliver in the lounge in a deep discussion with a few members of NYPD’s finest about some current event. When Oliver heard the door open, he turned to find his partner grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, Ollie, before we go out to eat, why don’t you call your friend at the paper and tell him they have a new editor?”

“You got the job in the Community Police Unit? That’s great.” Oliver patted his Brat on the back in a celebratory gesture.

“Well, not exactly. I have to do patrol work for awhile, but that’s okay. I think it will be a great way to get to know my fellow officers and the city. I have to report by mid-February. Is that time-line going to work for you?”

“I can’t see why not. Why don’t you have yourself a seat while I call Tony back?”

David sat down next to one of the homicide detectives who was complaining about the type of supper his wife packed for him. He did his best to keep up with the small talk, but most of his attention was on Oliver. He was doing his best to eavesdrop on their conversation, but with little success. He was about to get up and pretend to grab himself a cup of coffee in order to be closer to where Oliver stood, when he saw his partner hang up the phone.

“Well?” David asked impatiently. “Are we moving?’

“We certainly are, kiddo. Come on; let’s go grab some Chinese food then go pay a visit to Elliot and break the news of our departure into a new adventure.”

By the middle of January, David and Oliver had shared their news of the move with their family and fellow colleagues. They had met with a realtor to sell their brownstone and get them a new home in Cambridge. The realtor working closely with the agency in Massachusetts, found the men a lovely condo a few miles from the University. It was centrally located between David and Oliver’s places of employment and it catered to the Gay Community. ‘Life couldn’t get any better than this,’ David thought, but he was soon to discover it could get even better.

David will never forget the day his life with Oliver was about to take a wonderful and magical turn. The City of New York was hit by a major snow storm, which forced the men to cancel their plans for the evening. Oliver made it home first, lit the fireplace and put a bottle of Champaign in ice. The object in his pocket was weighing heavy on his mind. Lately all he could think about was the move to Massachusetts and how that move could alter his and David’s relationship. Massachusetts was one of the few States that acknowledged same-sex marriage, and although he and David had had many discussions on the possibility of a commitment ceremony, Oliver’s dream was to make David his true and legal husband. The placing his hand in his pocket to stroke the box within, sent shivers of both nerves and excitement down his spine.

Taking a deep breath to control his emotions, Oliver removed his hand from his pocket. He reached for the fireplace poker and began to stoke the fire. Looking at his watch, he started to become a little concerned at the whereabouts of his Brat when he heard David’s key in the lock.

“Hey, Ollie, you home? Man, sorry I’m late. The roads are a real bitch.”

Oliver met him in the hallway and helped him remove his snow-covered coat and boots.

“Hey, kiddo, why don’t you go upstairs, get out of those wet clothes, take a nice hot shower, get into your cozy pajamas and then come on downstairs? I brought home some lasagna from Mamma Rosa’s restaurant and I have a fire going.”

“Hey, that sounds great. I’ll be right down.” They kissed as David passed on his way up the stairs.

Oliver paced back and forth in front of the fireplace, impatiently waiting for David to finish his shower. The box was getting heavier and heavier as was his self-doubt. ‘Maybe I should wait until we’re settled in our new home,’ he thought to himself. ‘What if he says no, he’s not ready?’ Oliver was becoming more and more nervous by the minute. He was about to pull the box out of his pocket and place it in the hutch when David came bounding into the room.

“Hey, Ollie, that lasagna spells great, but what’s with the champagne? Is it a special occasion or something?”

“Yeah, something,” Oliver replied. Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he reached out to take David’s hands in his. He pulled him in front of the fire and gazed into his lover’s eyes. Before he could change his mind, Oliver pulled the box out of his pocket and ever so slowly lifted the lid.

Inside, resting in blue velvet, sat a 14k gold diamond channel band. Heart cutouts along the shank gave the band an added romantic touch and the ten diamond gemstones on the top spoke volumes.

David just stared at the ring inside the box with mouth agape; then with misty eyes, he looked up at his partner, lover and Top and waited for the question he was longing to hear.

With a shaky voice and hand, Oliver began to speak. “David, my love, my life, I invite you to share your life with me, I want you by my side forever until the end of time. I want us to share more than a life together; I want us to share a name. I love you so much; please accept this ring as a sign of my love and promise of faithfulness and everlasting commitment. Would you, David Bradford, accept this ring and become my lawful wedded husband?”

By the time Oliver finished speaking, both men were in tears. David couldn’t speak because of the overwhelming emotions flooding through him. All he could do for the moment was nod his head over and over. Oliver took the ring out of the box and placed it on David’s left hand. Their kiss spoke volumes. It was more passionate than it had ever been. As their lips pressed together, it was like the world stopped turning. David broke the kiss first when he knew he had finally found his voice.

“Oh Ollie, you don’t know how I’ve longed to hear you speak those words. I love you to the very depth of my soul. I think my heart is going to burst because the love I have for you is overflowing. I am so proud to wear this engagement ring and to accept your proposal to become David Newman.”

They kissed again, allowing their passion to carry them to a higher plain. Oliver’s hand reached down to cup David’s manhood. David reciprocated and before long they were making love by the roaring fire. After they had both reached their climax, they lay in each other’s arms and began to make plans.


“Hey Ollie,” David called from the hallway. “I’m going shopping at the mall. Do you need anything?”

“What do you need at the mall that’s so urgent, you have to go right at this minute?”

“Why? What’s up? Why can’t I go now?”

“I thought we were going to discuss some wedding plans?”

“Yeah, well….we will as soon as I get back. I really have to go out, but I promise I’ll be back in less than an hour. I put something on lay-away yesterday and they told me they would only hold it for 24 hours.”

“What did you put away, David?” Oliver asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “It better not be something that’s too expensive. We both promised to curb our spending until the move to Cambridge.”

“No, it’s not at exorbitant item. It’s just something I need to help us in our wedding planning,” David replied. Then with a little touch of begging to his tone, he continued. “Please Ollie, I’m paying for it out of my own savings account. It’s really important to me.”

Ollie backed down and with a smile growing on his face, he walked over to his Brat and gave him a sweet little kiss. As he grabbed David’s coat from the rack, he stated an order. “Okay kiddo, I’m holding you to the less than an hour deadline. If you’re any longer than that without an substantial reason, you’ll be doing your part of the planning standing up. Is that clear?”

“Crystal clear; I promise I’ll be back in 45 minutes or less.” David returned the kiss, grabbed his coat and ran to the car.

Forty minutes later David was pulling back into the drive with his purchase in hand. He couldn’t wait to show his new wedding-planner to Oliver. This book contained everything the couple would need to make their wedding, the day they dreamed it would be. In his discussions with the lady who ran the wedding boutique, where he purchased the planner, this planner acts like a bible to the wedding couple. Even if they plan to hire a wedding consultant, this planner will give David and Oliver the information they need to ask the right questions, keep their budget in line and give them step by step resources from flowers, to tuxedos, to the wedding itself. Also what made David even more excited about this particular planner is that it was geared to help plan a gay wedding.

Oliver was waiting for him in the den. David knew he was in there by the sweet sound of music radiating down the hall. Oliver loved to sit and relax in this room with a glass a wine and his favorite music as a fire burned in the hearth.

David followed the voices of Il Divo which led him to his one true love.

“Hi sweet thing,” Oliver whispered as he held out his hand to David as an invitation to join him on the couch. “Come and show me what was so urgent that you had to run out on this wintery night and interrupt our plans.”

After pouring a glass of wine for himself, David sat down next to his Top and handed over the wedding planner. Oliver, after topping up his glass, opened the book to the table of contents.

“Okay baby, it states here our first step is to pick a date, then decide what kind of wedding we would like.” Pulling David close, he continued. “Okay, you go first. What date do you think we should strive for?”

“I’m glad you asked,” David replied. “I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. It’s going to take us a while to move, settle in to the new place, city, and jobs. Hopefully, we’ll make new friends and contacts. So I was thinking to do it properly without too much rushing or stress, a year from now would be a good idea.”

“Mmmm, a year from now; that sounds like a good start. Let me grab a calendar and take a look at a few dates.” Oliver untangled himself from David’s arms for a moment to get up off the couch in order to walk over to his desk and grab his date calendar from the top drawer. On his way back he stoked the fire and grabbed another bottle of wine.

Back in each others arms, the two men bantered back and forth over a few dates. A spring wedding would be too long of a period to wait, as would a summer wedding.

“Hey, Ollie, how about a winter wedding? I think that would be cozy and romantic.”

“A winter wedding? Are you sure, kiddo? What if there’s bad weather?”

“Look, there could be bad weather any time of year. I think a winter wedding would be great. But not February, that’s to close to Valentine Day. Let’s make it a true year from now.” David grabbed the calendar from his partner and turned it to January 2010. “What about the fourth weekend in January?”

Looking at the calendar, Oliver thought David’s suggestion over for a moment or so. It made sense to him, as pictures of a winter wedding began forming in his mind. “Okay, let’s say Friday, January 22nd, 2010”

“Why Friday instead of the traditional Saturday?” David asked.

“Well Davey, as an experienced world traveler, if we wish to go somewhere on a honeymoon, it’s easier to fly out on a Saturday than a Sunday”

“Well since I’ve never been to as many parts of the world as you have, I’ll bow to your expertise and agree to January 22nd.”

“Gee, that was easy. Now if the rest of the plans go this smoothly, we’ve got it made.”

“I have an idea that everything won’t go as easy, but I also have a way it may go a little less bumpy.”

“And what’s that, my sweet?” Oliver asked with a kiss

“When we move to Cambridge, we hire a wedding consultant; someone who can take a lot of the load of planning this special event off our shoulders. Let’s face it, we’re going to be very occupied with our new careers and having a consultant do the research for us, you know find some florists and bands and of course where we’re going to hold this blessed event so we can make the final decision, will be a great help and stress reliever for us.”

“You really thought this out, didn’t you?” Oliver asked with amazement.

“Yes I did. Do you agree with me?”

“Absolutely,” Oliver replied. “Now that we have the date and what type of wedding we want, we have to decide who’s going to pay for what?”

“Well, you’re a lot better at budgeting than I am, Ollie, so I’ll leave all the finances in your capable hands with the understanding that we split everything 50/50.”

“Now that, young man, is an excellent idea. But I have some conditions to this and they are as follows: If you see something that you feel will be perfect for the wedding, you are not to purchase it on your own. You are to discuss the purchase with me, we will go over the cost and then together we will decide if it can fit into our budget. If I find that you have gone ahead and purchased something on-line or at a store without talking to me about it, not only will that item go back, no matter how terrific it may be, but you will find yourself on the wrong end of disciplinary action. That also goes with dealing with the consultant. You are not to make any plans with him without discussing the plans with me first. Are you in agreement with these conditions, David?”

“Of course Ollie, one hundred percent. I fully realize that this is our wedding and that you should be a part of every decision.” Seeing Oliver’s mouth begin to open in a rebuttal, David quickly continued. “I know what you’re going to say. Sometimes I get a little impulsive, especially when I see something that I know would be perfect for us, but I deeply promise I will not go overboard or make any decisions without you.”

“Well that said, I agree to handle the budget,” Oliver stated.

“Speaking of budget, how much can we spend on this marvelous day?” David asked.

“Well you know that $100,000 from the inheritance I got from that late Dictator that died a few months ago? The one that blew us away because I didn’t even know I was in his will?” Oliver reminded him.

“You mean that guy who was so pleased with the way you did that expose and pictures of him for his national magazine and decided that was the one way he could repay you for your kindness and professionalism towards him and his family?” David acknowledged he remembered the letter from the lawyer with the great news.

“That’s the one. Well anyway, I was thinking we could take that money out of the savings account and set up a wedding account. Now I’m not saying our wedding should cost $100,000 dollars, but it will give us a cushion as well as piece of mind.”

“Ollie, you sure know how to solve a problem. That’s great. Once we met with the consultant, we can work out a budget and see what each part will cost us.”

“Great! Now kiddo, I don’t know about you, but I’m almost ready for bed. The wine is making me mellow.”

“Me too,” David stated, stifling a yawn. But he wasn’t quite ready to end the conversation. “Ollie, when are we going to tell our family and friends?”

“Good point. I was thinking tomorrow we could slip over to Elliot and Don’s and let them know first and then maybe if you feel up to it, next weekend we could get the family together and break the news of our move and our nuptials at the same time.”

“That sound great to me,” David agreed. “I’ll email both sides of the family and invite them to the house next Saturday, okay? And also may I call Russia and let Marty and Ivan know?”

“Sure but remember the time change there, don’t go calling them in the middle of their night, okay?” Oliver reminded his Brat. “Now let’s hit the hay”

“You go on, Ollie. I want to go over this wedding planner a little more and I also would like to go on the internet and make a list of consultants in the Cambridge area so when we go up to take a look at our new condo, I can set up some appointments to met with them.”

“Okay kiddo, I’ll give you an hour but after that I want you in bed next to me, agreed?”

“One hour, Ollie, I promise. Now go get the bed warmed up until I get up there and warm you up.”

Oliver gave David a loving kiss then checked to make sure all the embers had died in the fireplace. He shut off the stereo, knowing that David would get so involved in his research he wouldn’t even know the music was shut off or not. Then with one look back, he headed off to bed.

When David was left alone, he turned to the page in the planner about wedding consultants and began his research. He looked up several web sites then printed off the information so he and Oliver could go over it together. Looking at his watch, he realized his hour was almost up. Not wanting to upset his Top, David turned off the computer and slipped up the stairs and into Oliver’s arms.


Sunday morning found the two men sleeping late. At around 10:00 am they got up, showered, and dressed; then went next door to share their regular Sunday brunch with Elliot and his partner Don Holder.

The mood was festive and comfortable. This was the major thing the boys were going to miss the most. These two men meant the world to Oliver and David and it was going to be hard to live apart from them. The only thing that made the move easier was the thought that New York and Massachusetts was only a couple of hundred miles away.

Over eggs, bacon, waffles and Don’s famous Champagne cocktails, Oliver stood up and began to break the news.

“Elliot, Don, as the old saying goes, David and I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we’re moving. I accepted the Editor job in Cambridge and David asked and was granted a transfer to the Cambridge Police Department.”

“Oliver,” Elliot spoke for himself and Don. “Although it saddens us to loose you as neighbors, we are both proud of you for deciding to make this move. It is the right decision for you both. Now, what is your good news, boys?”

“Well as you know, Massachusetts now allows same sex marriage…” Oliver was suddenly interrupted by a loud yelp out of both Elliot and Don.

Don jumped up from his seat and began to jump up and down with excitement as he exclaimed, “Oh for the love of all that is gay, you’re going to tie the knot. That’s it, isn’t it? Oh my stars, that is so exciting and what a thrill. We are so happy for you both.”

All three men burst out laughing at Don’s display of joy. Usually he was a quiet, mild-mannered individual. A deep thinker some would call him. This rare show of jubilance was amusing but touching at the same time. His feeling for the two younger men was shining out.

Oliver continued after Elliot quieted his Brat down. “Yes, Don is correct. I asked David to marry me.” David proudly displayed the ring on his hand for the two men to admire as Oliver continued speaking. “We set the date last night. It’s going to be next January 22nd and we…” Oliver took David’s hand in his before he spoke again. “David and I discussed this last night and we would be honored, Elliot, if you would be our best man.”

Elliot’s eyes filled with tears and for a few moments he couldn’t speak. When the lump in his throat subsided, he embraced the two young men and with a choke in his voice, gladly granted their request. Hugs were exchanged as a few tears were again shed. Oliver then turned to Don and with remaining emotion in his voice, he asked, “Don, David and I would love to have you officiate the ceremony.”

Don was stunned for a moment then he found his voice and asked, “If I understood you clearly, you want me to marry you both is that right?”

“By George, I think he’s got it,” David teased.

“Gentlemen, I would be more than honored to marry you both, but is that legal?”

“It sure is,” David informed him. “All you have to do is write to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and request an application for a One-Day Marriage Designation. They have to receive the application six weeks prior to the wedding, and since we have to register our marriage in the same period of time, we can do this on the same date. A $25.00 processing fee must accompany the application along with a letter of reference from someone who can attest to your high standard of character. The letter can be from anyone but Oliver or I. Elliot would probably be the best one to attest to your high character I think, don’t you? The Secretary of the Commonwealth will issue a Certificate of Solemnization to the approved applicant four weeks prior to the wedding date. Following the wedding, we must submit the Certificate of Solemnization along with a copy of the marriage license to the city or town hall where Ollie and I applied for the license.”

“Well, David,” Don stated. “It sounds like you’re on the ball about this. If you would be so kind to get me the proper address, I will send in my request for the application so I will have it properly filled out for when it is time to mail it in.”

“I have the address right here,” David informed Don. “It’s Office of the Governor, State House, Room 280, Boston MA, 01233: attn: One-Day Marriage Designation.”

“One more bit of info, Don,” Oliver piped in. “David and I will cover the $25.00 application fee.”

“Don’t be foolish, Oliver. I would be insulted if you didn’t let me pay for the application fee. Who do I make the check out to, David?”

“The check must be made out to The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Don,” David informed him.

“Thank you, young man, and I don’t want to hear any more nonsense of you two covering the cost. Is that understood?” Don stated.

“Loud and clear,” David and Oliver replied in unison.

“When are you going to break the news to the families, Oliver?” Elliot asked as he filled his plate with another helping of pancakes.

“We’re going to have a get together Saturday night. We hope you two will be in attendance.”

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now let’s have more food as you two fill us in on the move and your new careers.”


The week passed quickly. David between work shifts was busy reading his planner and making notes. On the Wednesday before the engagement party, David finally got through to Moscow. He spoke with Ivan for over two hours, talking about the wedding and the new job he would have in the Cambridge Police. Finally Oliver took the phone from David so he could speak with Martin.

He asked if he thought it would be a problem for them to come to the states for the wedding and when Martin reassured him there would be no problems at all; Oliver asked if Martin would consider doing the toast to the grooms. He informed Oliver that he would be extremely honored to do so. David slipped Oliver a note, which he read silently then nodded his head in agreement. He then asked Martin if he would be so kind as to ask Ivan if he would be in charge of the guest book. He waited as Martin did as he was requested. In less than a minute, Martin got back on the line with the good news. Ivan would also be honored to do so. They agreed to keep in touch. Oliver handed the phone back to David so he could say his goodbyes to Ivan and Martin.

When the phone call was completed, David joined Oliver at the kitchen table. Oliver was going over the menu in frustration for the engagement party.

“Hey Ollie, why stress yourself out over this? Let’s just have it catered.”

“You know, I think you’re right. I’ll give Mamma Rosa’s a call and see if she and her staff could put something together on such a sort notice.”

“There now, that’s settled so let’s go for a walk and clear our heads,” David suggested. Oliver readily agreed. They grabbed their coats, scarves and mitts then headed out the door for a stroll around the block. As they walked, they held hands and avoided talking about the wedding. Instead they talked about their move and how they would set up their new home.

“By the pictures the realtor sent, our new condo looks absolutely spectacular,” David commented. “And the fact that most of the residence are gay will make it a interesting place to live.”

“I know, I can’t wait until next month when we go down to take a look at the place and hopefully sign the lease,” Oliver replied. “I can’t wait to start my new job and our new life there.”

“Do you know if the tenants are leaving any of their furniture or not?” David inquired.

Oliver knew to well what David was alluding to. The picture of the game room showed a pool table and that was an item David always hinted at owning, so he and his cop buddies could get together on their time-off.

“I don’t know about that. But whatever they take out, we can replace,” Oliver teased.

David stopped in his tracks and a huge smile came to his face. “Do you mean it, Ollie? We can get a pool table?”

“A pool table? I thought you were talking about their dining room set,” Oliver teased again.

“Very funny. You know I was talking about the pool table,” David retorted

They both began to laugh at the same time. Oliver then scooped David up into his arms and twirled him around. David let out a joyful whoop as he held on to Oliver’s neck.

Oliver gently placed David back down on his feet while at the same time pulling him in for a passionate kiss. They stayed in each other’s arm for a minute or two then continued down the sidewalk until they reached their favorite coffee shop.

“Let’s get a hot chocolate before we head for home, okay kiddo?” Oliver asked.

“Yeah, since my body is tingling from the cold, a hot chocolate sounds like a super idea.” David replied.

“I hope your body’s tingling with more than just the cold,” Olive remarked.

“Let’s grab that hot chocolate to go and when we get home, I’ll let you know,” David replied with lust in his eyes.

Seeing the same look in each other’s eyes, they ordered their drink then made a quick retreat home.


David wasn’t too pleased on how Saturday morning started off. When he awoke and looked out the window, all he saw was white. The city was being hit by what the weathermen call a bad weather front. All David could call it was a pain in the ass. This stupid snow was surely going to put a huge damper on their engagement party.

“God, I hate winter,” he growled as he stomped to the bathroom and slammed the door abruptly, waking Oliver out of a sound sleep. Oliver turned onto his back as his body slowly came to life. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and listened to his Brat ranting and raving behind the closed door.

“Stupid snow!” he heard David growl out. “After all our work and planning to make this evening a perfect night, finally being able to get all our friends and family together and now this.” As David vented, he got more and more upset to the point where he couldn’t contain his anger any longer and threw the bar of soap against the wall, making not only a loud thump but also causing a bottle of mouthwash to slip off the shelf and crash against the floor. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” David yelled out.

Oliver, shaking his head, threw the covers off, grabbed his robe and made his way to the bathroom door. “David Bradford, open the door this instant. I’m getting a headache hearing all that noise coming from inside,” Oliver ordered.

Trying to gain some control, David slowly opened the door. He warned Oliver against walking over broken glass when his Top made his way into the bath.

“What’s got you in such a foul mood this morning, David?”

“The stupid snow is all. Didn’t you look out side and see what’s going on out there?” David’s tone was still disturbing.

“No I did not. I didn’t get a chance to even wake up properly with World War Three taking place in our bathroom,” Oliver replied. “So what’s going on out there?”

“Only a major disaster; we’re in the midst of a major snow storm,” David ranted as he finished cleaning up the glass. Grabbing a wet towel from the laundry basket, he swept it over the floor to ensure he picked up any stray shreds of glass that he may have missed.

“David, for Pete’s sake calm down. The weather is supposed to clear up by this afternoon so everything will work out.”

“Oh who made you a weather man? Did you get a degree while I was sleeping last night?” David retorted, his anger returning as he thought of all the guests who may not be able to make it over tonight.

“David!” Oliver warned as he moved towards his Brat who was kneeling by the tub. “I suggest you change that attitude this instant or the weather is going to be the least of your problems this morning.”

David looked up at his Top to see dark clouds gathering in his eyes. This day was supposed to be the first of great days on the way to their wedding and now it was getting spoiled. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t control this bad mood that had swept over him.

“Fine!” David snapped as he got up and swept past Oliver, leaving the wet towel on the floor.

Oliver followed him into the bedroom and stood leaning on the door frame, watching his young man continue to rant and rave as he began pulling clothes out of the top dresser drawer in search of something to cover his naked frame.

“Jesus Christ, where the hell are my undershorts?” David mumbled to himself. “Didn’t you do a wash yesterday, Oliver? It was your turn.”

That was it. Oliver had had enough. With tiger-like swiftness, he moved across the room to grab David by the arm and lead him to the bed. Without giving his Brat time to protest, Oliver promptly placed David’s naked body over his lap where David found himself on the wrong end of pain. Oliver laid down quick but hard slaps on David’s bare buttocks, until the skin turned a pinky rose and the sounds of sobs and ‘I’m sorry’ could be heard coming from below.

Oliver lifted David up and placed him gently on the bed. David for his part laid his head down on the pillow and let the tears flow out hard and heavy. Oliver remained where he was, but reached out to rub his Brat’s back until the tears subsided.

David finally took one last deep breath and then turned on his back to look up into Oliver’s eyes. Finding love and forgiveness in those blue orbs, David sat up to throw his arms around Oliver’s neck.

Oliver held his partner close but remained silent. He waited for David to start the conversation. He didn’t have to wait long. After a minute or two in Oliver’s arms and the final result of the spanking, all the tension melted away.

“I’m so sorry, Ollie,” David began. “I don’t know what came over me; seeing that snow just put me on a downward spiral that I couldn’t control.”

“Do you think working long shifts, then coming home and start working on this engagement party, then getting ready for a new career change may have something to do with it, kiddo?”

David knew that though Oliver didn’t come right and state it, he heard an ‘I told you so’ in his tone of voice. Oliver had warned him to slow down, but off course David always thought he knew better and as usual the end results usually finished off the way it just had a few moments ago.

Sheepishly, he gave Oliver a smile and a warm kiss on his neck as he pulled out of his arms. In a calmer mood now, David found the basket full of clean clothes sitting on the corner chair, just where Oliver had left it last evening.

“Where did this basket come from? I swear it wasn’t there a few minutes ago.” David chuckled as he grabbed up his clean clothes and began to dress. Oliver followed suit. While they dressed the conversation moved to the party this evening and how great it was going to be to finally share their great news with the ones they loved. The conversation and planning continued down the stairs as well as over breakfast. As Oliver had informed David about the forecast, by noon the heavy snow had stopped leaving the ground covered in a white sparkling blanket.

Mamma Rosa’s staff arrived around 6:00 pm to begin setting up the warming ovens, placing the items to be cooked into the ovens and of course setting up the serving tables. By the time the guests were ready to arrive, the place looked spectacular, not to mention the tempting aroma swarming through the air.

Oliver’s family was the first to arrive. His father, Charles, and step-mother, Penny, were the first and followed closely by his brother, Danny, and his wife, Dee, then Steve and his wife, Mindy. His step-sister, Jennifer, and her boyfriend, Alex, were the last of Oliver’s family to arrive. His mother, Corrine, called to let them know she would be a little late due to a problem at work. Although their parents were divorced, their relationship was amicable. David took all their coats and hung them in the closet.

“All right, young man,” Oliver’s father remarked. “What’s all the mystery that has all us out on a wintery night like this?”

“In due time, Dad,” Oliver told him. “We have to wait until all the other guests arrive. Why don’t you take everyone into the dining room and grab some appetizers and drinks?”

“My brother, the mystery man,” Steve remarked as he led the way.

“Did you have any problem getting babysitters for the twins?” David asked Danny

Dee replied before her husband could. “No, we have a regular sitter; an elderly widow lady who is more than happy to come anytime we ask to babysit Trevor and Tara.”

“How old are they now?” Oliver asked his sister-in-law.

“They’re five. Can you believe it? Time sure does fly,” she replied.

“So David,” Jennifer’s boyfriend, who was a police officer himself asked. “How do you like the NYPD?”

“I love it; thanks for asking.” David remained respectful but not overly friendly to this man. His feelings towards David’s sexual preference were no secret.

Oliver led the way into the dining room just as the doorbell rang. David’s family arrived all together in his father’s mini-van. David lost his mother at a young age, but when his father David Sr. married Rose Marie, she quickly won David’s heart with her warmth, charm, tenderness and love. As a matter of fact it was she and not his father whom David came out to first.

Rose greeted him with a warm hug while his father shook his hand with a strong, warm grip. David’s three step-sisters, Tracy, Patty and Mellissa, came running into the house as a group.

“Where’s that handsome man of yours, Davey?” his sister Tracy asked.

“Showing his family into the dining room, so come on in and hang your coats in the closet,” David answered.

“Where are your husbands, gals?” he asked as they walked toward the dining room.

“Our baby sitter cancelled at the last moment and we couldn’t get another,” Tracy volunteered.

“Mine had to work late,” Patty stated before adding, “and you know Mellissa’s husband, Billy, is so anti social and hates parties.”

“He doesn’t hate parties, Patty. He…..” She stopped in mid-sentence, a deep pink hue shading her face.

“What my little sister is trying not to say is that it’s not that he hates parties, he’s just not too fond of the fact that his brother-in-law lives with a man. That’s okay, sis, we can manage here tonight just fine without him.” David was used to Nick’s rebukes so he didn’t take offence.

When the rest of the guests, Elliot and Don, and a few fellow police officers and some of Oliver’s close friends in the news business arrived, the party was complete. Everyone was having a great time and enjoying the wonderful food and conversation, but kept hounding the two men for the reason they were all gathered together.

So, after everyone had had their fill of Mama Rosa’s great food, Oliver took David’s hand and led him to stand in front of the anxious group.

“Alright, everyone,” he started. “David and I would firstly like to thank you for sharing this lovely evening with us and we would like to inform you that you have just been a part of our engagement party.” Oliver let the news sink in before he continued. It only took a few seconds before Oliver’s mother began to whoop with joy, followed closely by his step-mom and the rest of theie family and friends.

“Oh my God, son,” Charles Newman spoke for them all. “When did you decide this?”

“Well, Dad, and everyone else, that is in part because of our second piece of news. I was offered and accepted the position of editor at a major Cambridge paper and David is being transferred to the Cambridge Police Department, so since it is legal to marry in Massachusetts, we decided to tie the knot.” This bit of news was met with a little less enthusiasm but all in all everyone was delighted with the Oliver’s news.

During the rest of the evening, the details of the wedding were discussed as well as the move. The night went by quickly and as David and Oliver bid farewell to their final guest at around midnight, they were very pleased with how the party turned out, even if the day started off a little rocky. After helping the staff clean up and carry the equipment to the vans, the two men slipped off to bed tired but elated.

Tomorrow would begin the first part in their new journey.


"Do you have the tickets Oliver?” David asked his partner as they headed out the door to JFK.

“For the tenth time, they’re in my coat pocket,” Oliver replied, grabbing their overnight bags from the hall floor. “Let’s go or we’ll be late”

“I’m sorry, Ollie. I guess I’m a little anxious about finally seeing our new home and all”

“I know, kiddo, so am I, but I’m also a little excited as well”

“Yeah, so am I, new life here we come,” David stated as he followed Oliver to the car.

They touched down in Boston’s Logan airport at 10:00 am and were met by the realtor they had hired. Mrs. Hartley was a gentile, senior lady, who absolutely looked the part of a high class realtor. She was draped in furs and drove a new model Cadillac. She had an infectious laugh and soft-spoken manner that relaxed the two men immediately. As she drove them to their new condo, she spoke of the benefits of living in Cambridge and how they were going to feel like home in no time at all.

It took about forty minutes to get to the Condo and both Oliver and David were impressed by what they saw. The building had an old fashion look to it. The builders had built the high-rise with a homey look in mind. They put siding on instead of the usual brick, which lending to the down home appeal. Even the color, a smoky blue, was inviting.

The lobby was an open space concept with the post office boxes on one wall and the 24 hour manned security desk on the other. David noticed the monitors displayed every corridor, elevator as well as the laundry room.

After formerly introducing themselves to the security guard, they made their way up to their condo. Mrs. Hartley informed them the condo was 3,783 square feet. That it had three bedrooms and was built in 1900.

“The Scotts have moved already, due to the fact that their new home was ready earlier than predicted, so the date you were given to move in is no longer valid, so gentlemen you can move when ever you feel you are ready. That is of course, if you like the place,” she hesitantly added.

“What’s not to like!” David exclaimed as he and Oliver moved from room to room. David was the first to run downstairs to the family room on Level 1. To his amazement and thrilling surprise, he found the pool table in the middle of the beautiful hard oak floor.

“Mrs. Hartley?” David hesitantly asked. “Are the Scotts coming back for the pool table or does is it included with the place?”

“They asked me to offer it to you, because they will have no need for it in the new place. That is of course, if you enjoy pool.”

“You bet I do! We can keep it, can’t we, Ollie? I mean, just think of the fun we can have with it.”

“Of course, we can keep it. I love playing pool.”

“Well that’s settled. Now, gentlemen, you can also see that this level also has two bedrooms, a storage space and a room that Glen used as an office. A half-bath can also be found in the corner. Now if you will follow me upstairs, I can show you the rest of the rooms.”

After taking a peek into each room, the men followed the realtor to the second level where they viewed the dining room, kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bath. The loft style was exactly what they were looking for. The final selling point was the glass-enclosed balcony off the kitchen.

Turning to the senior lady, Oliver asked if he and David could have a few moments alone to discuss a few details. She readily agreed and made her exit, leaving the two men sitting around the outdoor table.

“Well, baby, what do you think? Do you think we could be happy here?” Oliver asked.

“Oh my God, Ollie, I love it! I already have the homey feeling, don’t you? You can have your office downstairs, we can entertain our friends in the family room, and there’s enough space for family and guests when they come calling. The price is right as well, and with our combined salaries, we can afford the Condo fees, right?”

“I’m sure we can. Okay, if you’re up to it, let’s sign the contract.”

“When can we move? Do you think we can be here by the end of the month?”

“I can’t see why not. The couple who are buying our brownstone are prepared to move in at any time. You already gave your notice so you only have one shift left. Let’s tell her we can move in the next two weeks.”

“I love you, Ollie. This is going to be a great place to start our new life.”

“Ya, and just think of the fun we’ll have christening the place.”

“Oh, the thought of that is making me hot. Let’s sign that contract so we can get back to the hotel and start working on that.”

Mrs. Hartley was very pleased on how quickly the men made up their minds. She had a feeling that she had a buyer; after all, this lovely place sold itself. After the contracts were signed, she took them up to the top floor to meet the president of the condo board.

The wide double doors were opened by a tall, black, elegant man in his early fifties, or so they guessed. Standing next to him was this young Asian man in his thirties.

“Ah, Mr. Eric Flemming,” she addressed the older man. “I would like you to meet your newest residents, Mr. Oliver Newman and Mr. David Bradford.”

Handshakes were exchanged as Flemming stepped aside to allow them to enter.

Mrs. Hartley told them she had to run to file the contract but informed Oliver and David that she would be available at their convenience to hand over the keys which were at her office. After they paid adieu to the lady, Flemming introduced them to the young man.

“I would like to introduce you to my partner, Phillip Yen.”

“Hi, nice to meet you,” David stated as he shook the young man’s hand, followed by Oliver.

“Phil, why don’t you show David the rest of the place, while I have a small chat with Oliver?”

“Okay. Come on, David, let’s start in the game room. It’s my favorite room in the whole place.”

When the older men were alone, Flemming offered Oliver a drink. Oliver accepted the crystal wine goblet filled with a very expensive white wine from Flemming’s outstretched hand, then made his way into the living room and took the seat that was offered to him by the fireplace. Flemming sat in the adjacent chair.

“Well, Oliver….may I call you Oliver?” Flemming asked.

“Only if I can call you Eric.”

“Of course, by all means,” Eric laughed as he took a sip of wine. “Now I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about a few of the rules we have around here.”

“By all means; I was wondering if there were any ground rules to follow.”

“Indeed there are, Oliver. First of all as Mrs. Hartley as no doubt told you, this building is made up of all gay partnerships; some being threesomes. We come from all walks of life and occupations. Myself, I am a retired university professor, while my partner owns and runs his own book store. Some of our couples are into BDSM, while others have a Top-Brat relationship, myself and Phil being the latter. The only rule we have on this subject is no discipline or domineering actions in public. We are very up-front about our relationships, however we don’t need or want it thrown in each other’s faces. Now do you have a problem with that?”

Oliver let out a huge chuckle as he rolled his wine glass between the palms of his hands. “Eric, you don’t know how pleased I am to here you tell me this. David and I are also in a Top-Brat relationship. We have been from the very beginning and I can assure you, we are very discreet. I also do not believe in disciplining David in front of witnesses.”

“Wonderful…wonderful….I have a great feeling that you will be very happy here. By the way, what is your occupation, if I may ask?”

“I’m about the take over as editor of the Cambridge News and David is a police officer and will be joining the Cambridge Department the first week in March.”

“Excellent occupations, Oliver. Now that the ground rules have been laid out, what do you say on us joining our Brats on the grand tour.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Oliver concurred as he finished his wine and placed the goblet on the end table coaster.

After the tour, the four men said their good-byes. David and Oliver headed to the hotel to make a few phone calls. The first call was to Elliot to let him know they had taken the place. Afterwards, they called the new owners of their brownstone to inform them they could move on a earlier date than was originally stated at their last meeting. Finally, they called Mrs. Hartley to arrange a time to pick up the keys to their new home.

Oliver and David’s last two weeks in New York went by like a house on fire. David finished his last two shifts, while Oliver made all the arrangements with the moving company for the move. On David’s last shift, the hostage negotiation team had a going away party for him, and presented him with a lovely set of cufflinks. He promised to wear them on his wedding day as the “something new’ article. They were all touched and made David promise to send them all invitations. He happily agreed to do so.

Finally the day came to leave. It was both a wonderful but sad day. Saying good-bye to Elliot and Don was hard, but knowing they were only a few hours away made the departure much easier. The men decided to drive Oliver’s SUV to Cambridge and leave David’s old clunker behind. Don stated he knew a young man who was looking for a fixer-upper, so David agreed to sell it for just what the Blue Book price was. He would buy a new vehicle in Cambridge when they were settled.

All their furniture and personal effects had left the day before, so it should all be waiting for them when they arrive in their new dwelling. Elliot had offered them the guest bedroom for their last night in New York, but they opted to sleep in bedrolls in front of the fireplace. They made sweet love to each other for the last time in the brownstone, and when they arrived at the new condo, they made love once again to christen the place properly.

After they were settled into their new place, Eric Flemming phoned to inform them that there was going to be a welcome-to-the-building party for them in the common room on Saturday evening. It would give them the opportunity to meet all their new neighbors. David couldn’t wait; he was so excited. He may finally get a chance to meet some other Brats, whom he could hang around with, and discuss their mutual relationship with Tops as well as discipline relationships in general.

David also took the time before he had to report to work on Monday, to interview wedding consultants to help plan the wedding. He had it narrowed down to two. So he made a list of questions to ask them both, such as how long have you been wedding planners, how many weddings do you plan in a year, have you ever planned a gay wedding, do you attend the wedding or do you send a staff member, how many hours do you dedicate to the planning, do you have one set fee or do you charge for every different step, do you offer different package deals, are you willing to help set up interviews with bands, florist, etc, and will you attend these meetings with us?

The final decision came down to the time the planners were willing to give the men. The company called ‘It’s About Time’ which was started by a couple of women after same sex-marriage was made legal in Massachusetts and who strictly planned Gay and Lesbian weddings and only worked on two or three weddings at a time so they could give a lot of attention to their wedding, was the most appealing. After consulting with Oliver and going over his notes, Oliver agreed with David to hire that company. David called the head of the company, Barb Jones, who was very pleased to have been awarded the contract. The two made plans to meet in the latter part of next week to get begin the planning. David let out a sigh of relief at the thought that the first major hurtle had been handled with little trouble.

Saturday finally arrived. David took extra care in picking out what he was going to wear at the party. He wanted the sharp but casual look so he decided on a pair of black denims, a blue T-shirt under a brown suede suit jacket. To finish the look, he decided on his black cowboys boots. Oliver let out a chuckle as he entered the bedroom to the sight of David checking himself out in the mirror.

“Boy, who are you trying to impress tonight?” Oliver teased his Brat.

“No one; I just want to make everyone envious of the man who has the sexiest fiancé in the whole state.”

“Aren’t we full of ourselves this evening?”

“Well as my old partner at the NYPD always told me, if you got it, flaunt it. So that’s what I attend to do.”

“Oh brother,” Oliver rolled his eyes as he grabbed his black suit jacket from the closet. Like his partner, he went the extra mile to look impressive for the get together. He decided to wear his tan dress pants and cream dress shirt under the suit jacket. He debated with himself about a tie, but decided to just leave the top button undone. He wore his black leather shoes to finish off his outfit. Along with David, he looked mighty fine.

They arrived down stairs at exactly 9:00 pm as they were told and were greeted at the door by both Eric and his Brat, Phil. Oliver took a quick look around the room and immediately he felt a warm welcoming feeling surrounding him. Approximately forty men were gathered around various areas. Some were at the bar, others were helping themselves to the food that was laid out on tables along the back wall, while others were just milling around deep in conversations.

Eric tapped his wine glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention as he introduced and welcomed Oliver and David to the building. He told the two men to go work the room and make their own introductions. He also told them to help themselves to some food and drink as everything was on the house.

The first couple to come forward was an elderly couple that Oliver and David came to know as Harold and Jimmy. Harold told Oliver that he and his partner have been together almost 25 years and plan to celebrate their 25th anniversary by tying the knot. Oliver informed them that he and David were also planning on getting married next January.

As the evening progressed, they managed to meet every occupant of the building. David discovered along with himself and Phil, there were four other Brats. There was Craig who was a dentist and his Top Gary who was a lawyer. Then he met Carter who was a carpenter and his Top Roger who was an architect. Soon after, he was introduced to the third Brat, Emanuel who was a teacher and his Top Jesus also a teacher. Finally at the end of the evening, he met George who was an entertainer and his Top Kent who was his manager. All the Brats made a date to meet at the local coffee shop Sunday afternoon if their Tops gave them permission. Telephone, cell numbers and emails were exchanged so they could coordinate the time.

Oliver along with meeting all the Tops that David did also had some pleasant conversations with another group that practiced BDSM. All in all, it was a great evening for them both as new friends were forged. In the elevator on their way back to their condo, David asked and was given permission to meet his fellow Brats at the coffee shop. David immediately texted Phil and soon received a full speed ahead message that permission had been granted to all, so the meeting was set for Starbucks at 2:00 pm tomorrow. David texted back to say he would be there with bells on.

David couldn’t wait to get home from the coffee shop to share his delight with Oliver. It was such a pleasure to be able to discuss his relationship with other men who could relate with such certainty like these men could. They discussed their various rules and the consequences of breaking them. David was shocked to hear how severe a couple of the Tops could be. He thanked his lucky stars that Oliver didn’t believe in using instruments like paddles or straps to carry out his punishment. They also talked about how they all got into a discipline relationship in the first place, along with comparing each other’s Tops.

When David came through the door he was simply beaming. Finding Oliver in the family room watching CNN, he jumped into his lap and after laying a deep kiss on Oliver’s soft lips, he softly whispered, “Hey Ollie, thank you for being you. I love you so very much and I thank my lucky stars every day you came into my life.”

“I take it you had a great afternoon.”

“I can’t begin to describe the great time I had. What a joy it is to have other Brats to talk to. We agreed to meet once a week if possible to continue where we left off.”

“I’m so happy for you, baby. Now let’s go upstairs and plan what to have for dinner, then I thought we’d have a quiet evening and go to bed early since we both start our new jobs tomorrow.”

“What a great way to end the day. Come on let’s get planning, I’m starved.”

“You mean to tell me, you didn’t fill yourself up on doughnuts at the coffee shop? I thought no police officer could resist doughnuts.”

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny. No, despite the stereo type of police officers and doughnuts, this is one cop who wants to keep his figure and besides that, you know I’m not a big fan of those things.”

“Ya I know. Come on, what do you say to cooking some pasta in cream sauce?”

“Yummy, let’s go. I’ll boil the water and while you prepare the sauce.”

Arm in arm they climbed the stairs to the kitchen. As Oliver had stated, the evening was quiet and restful and they were in bed by 10:00 pm. Tomorrow was going to be a full and exciting day for them both.


Since David had to report to the station first and Oliver had no set time he had to arrive, the older man waited around so he could drive David to work since his young man hadn’t found just the ‘right’ car yet.

“Are you nervous, kiddo?”

“A little, I mean patrol is a little different for me, but I’m sure I’ll catch on real quick. What I’m really nervous about is meeting my partner. I hope we get along.”

“Just be yourself and everything will work out.”

“Easier said than done some times. Aren’t you nervous?”

“Well I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about being in charge. I’ve never really been the boss before.”

“Oh you’ll have no problems in that department, of that I have no doubt,” David teased as he pulled Oliver in for a comforting hug.

“Okay, kiddo, if you’re ready, let’s get going. I don’t want you late for your first shift.”

“I’m ready, let’s roll.”

As Oliver pulled up to the Cambridge Police Station, he just squeezed his partner’s hand. He didn’t want to embarrass him with a goodbye kiss in front of the policemen who were gathered outside or making their way into the station. David on the other hand didn’t give a hoot what the other officers thought. They may as well know right from the start he was in love with another man. So he leaned in and gave his Top a good bye kiss much to Oliver’s surprise and pleasure.

“Have a great day and give me a call if you need a drive home and David…..”

“Yes sir?”

“Be careful and keep yourself safe. I love you.”

“Love you too, Ollie. Good luck as well on your first day. Bye.”

David leapt out of the car and barreled up the stairs. He was very impressed with the look of the station. It had recently been up-dated and modernized to meet 21st century needs. The front desk was made of oak which had the police emblem carved into the front. David’s chest began to puff out in pride as he took in all his fellow police officers running around, getting ready for the shift change. He was going to part of this family and he knew just by instincts he was going to fit in perfectly.

Walking up to the desk, he took notice of the Sgt. sitting behind the bullet proof glass. He was a mountain of a man whose face bore the scars of many years on the force. His name tag read Millar.

“Hello, Sgt. Millar. I’m Officer David Bradford and I was told to report to Lt. MacDonald this morning.”

“Oh yeah, Bradford, our transfer from the great NYPD. Felt like slumming eh, young man?”

“On the contrary, Sarge. I felt like moving up in the world so that’s why I transferred to this fine Department.”

Despite himself, the Sgt. began to smile at this young man in front of him. He immediately took a liking to his bravado and sharp mind. Millar wasn’t an easy man to please, but if he took to you, you had a friend for life and a man you could count to be in your corner when needed. David didn’t know it, but he had just met his rabbi; a fellow police officer that acts as a guide, confidant, and friend.

“Have a seat there, Officer Bradley, and I’ll page MacDonald.”

David took a seat in the reception area and within minutes the Lieutenant he only met on the web interview, came waltzing through the huge glass doors to the right of the front desk. MacDonald extended his hand as he walked towards David.

“Welcome to the Cambridge Police, David. Now if you’ll follow me, we’ll get some final forms filled out and then I’ll take you to the locker room where you can change into your uniform. After that, you’ll get to meet your new partner.”

David had just finished tying his shoes when he heard the locker room door open. He looked up to find Lt. MacDonald standing next to a dark haired man, whom David guessed to be in his mid-thirties, and that this man was to be his new partner.

“Officer Bradley, I’d like you to meet your new partner, Michael Jenkins”

“Hello, David, or do you prefer Dave,” Jenkins smiled as he held out his hand for a handshake.

“David will do just fine and what about you; do you like Michael or Mike?” David replied as he grasped the outstretched hand in a firm grip.

“Mike works just great with me and if you’re in a mellow mood, you can even call me Mikey. That’s what my life partner calls me. Yeah, I said my life partner. His name is Chris Robinson and he works out of Vice. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Hell no, I have a partner as well. His name is Oliver Newman and he has just been made editor of the Cambridge News,”

“A reporter, eh? That’s interesting. Well if you’re ready, we have to be at roll call in two minutes. We can get better acquainted in the car.”

“Lead the way, partner.” David gave a small bow as he gestured towards the door.

“Officer Bradley,” MacDonald began. “Before you go I would like one final word with you. Officer Jenkins, would you mind leaving us alone for a moment or two? I’ll make sure Bradley gets to roll call.”

With a nod, Jenkins left the room, leaving the two men alone.

“David, I hope you don’t mind that I partnered you with a fellow gay officer. I felt it would make the transition to your new duties go a little smoother.”

“Lieutenant, I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and it wouldn’t of mattered if my partner was straight or not. But I think Michael and I are going to get along just fine, so let’s just leave it at that for now. Okay, sir?”

“Very well put. Now let’s get you to roll call, shall we?”

After roll call, Michael led David to their patrol car. After doing a spot check to ensure all was in order, they began to patrol their designated area. Michael was an easy going individual who had a contagious laugh.

After a few moments of small talk about the neighborhood, David cleared his throat then asked, “Mike, is the Lieutenant homophobic? He gave me the impression he was a little uncomfortable with our first conversation in the locker room.”

“Yeah, he’s old school, you understand. But he’s trying real hard to accept the fact that there are gays in his department. He’s not that bad of a guy. He tries to be fair and all, but at times he does side with the straight guys when it comes to conflicts.”

"Are there a lot of gays in the department?”

“Besides us? Let’s see; I think there’s about a half dozen that have come out and I suspect there’s a few more that haven’t, for one reason or another.”

“Interesting; and speaking of interesting, that Sgt. Millar looks like a real character?”

“He is. You should hear some of the stories he tells, and by experience, I’m sure you will.” Michael chuckled. “He’s been with the department for at least twenty years. He started on patrol but a few years ago he asked to be put on desk duty because he felt he was slowing down and he didn’t want to endanger the life of his partner if he couldn’t keep up. We all feel that was ridiculous, but it was his own choice, so we all respected his move.”

“He’s very distinguished looking, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I guess. So what do you say we park this puppy and go take a walk around the neighborhood? Let me introduce you to the fine citizens that make up this fine city.”

“Sounds great; let’s go!”

At the same time David was being given the tour of the city, Oliver was getting the tour of his new paper.

Oliver took a deep breath before he stepped across the threshold on the Cambridge News. As he walked into the lobby, he was greeted by a young blond woman in her early twenties.

“Good morning, sir. Welcome to the Cambridge News. My name is Sally. How may I help you?”

“Good morning, Sally. You may help me by pointing the way to the editor’s office.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir. But we don’t have an editor at the present time. We’re awaiting the arrival of our new gentleman but he hasn’t arrived yet.”

Not wanting to let this woman know right away he was the man they were all waiting for, Oliver kept the conversation going.

“Oh, do you know anything about the new editor?”

“Only that he’s a former photo journalist but with a lot of news background. My friend, Jenny, met him once when she freelanced for Newsworld, and she says he’s really sexy.”

“Well, that’s a great quality for an editor; photo journalist I mean, not the sexy part.”

Sally let out a nervous laugh as it suddenly dawned on her that she was actually speaking to the new editor.

“You’re Mr. Newman, aren’t you?” she asked as her face turned a light shade of red.

“Guilty as charged I’m afraid.”

Standing up, she came around the desk and held out her hand for a greeting. “Welcome to your new home, Mr. Newman. I think you’re going to enjoy working here.”

“Well if the rest of the staff is as engaging as you are, I believe you are correct.”

“Just a moment while I buzz Mr. Waverly, who’ll be your second-in-command.”

“Thank you, Sally. It will be my extreme pleasure to wait here with you for Mr. Waverly.”

Oliver smiled to himself as he noticed her face get an even deeper shade of red. He knew he was flirting with her, but as David always told him, a little flirting is good for the heart. After a few seconds, a giant of a man entered the lobby. By the research Oliver did on his new employees, he knew immediately this was Alex Waverly.

“Hello, Alex. It’s nice to finally meet you face to face after our brief conversation on the phone.”

“Welcome to Cambridge and to the Cambridge News, Oliver. I see you’ve met our guardian of the gate, Sally.”

“Yes, and it was a very joyful experience. Now may we go and meet the rest of the staff? I’d like to get started my editing job as soon as possible.”

“Of course, Oliver, this way please,” Waverly held the old wooden door open for him.

Before he left the lobby, Oliver turned to the receptionist one last time. “Keep up the good work, Sally. It will be great seeing your smiling face every morning.”

“Thank you, Mr. Newman.” As she watched him exit, she couldn’t help but think how her friend was right on the money, he was sure sexy. ‘I wonder if he’s single?’ she thought to herself. She’d have to make a few inquiries.

Oliver was very pleased with his office. He loved the three walls of glass. It gave the room an open welcome invitation to all the staff, which Oliver found appealing. There were blinds of course that he could draw when he needed the privacy, but he hoped they would seldom be used.

There was a huge oak desk in front of a huge picture window that looked out unto the city. A lap top computer sat in the middle of the desk, as well as leather file baskets on the left outside corner. The only other item on the desk was a name plate which read; Oliver Newman, Editor in Chief. Two leather chairs sat facing the front of the oak desk, as well as a matching black leather sofa on the side wall to the right.

Oliver placed his briefcase on the desk then made his way into the news room. He took the time to speak to each reporter separately, asking them all about themselves and what exactly was their job was at the paper. When he had left the room to go pay a visit to the printing area, the staff gathered around one desk to discuss their new boss. They all agreed he seemed pleasant enough and he also seemed easy to get along with. ‘Approachable.’ stated one reporter. All in all, they were very pleased with him so far.

The employees in the copy and printing department echoed the same sentiment as the reporters. Oliver also felt the same about the whole staff. He wasn’t naïve of course to think it would all be easy sailing, but he hoped with a lot of hard work to go with the spirit of openness and cooperation, things would work out great.

The day flew by quickly for both he and David. David called him around 3:00 pm to tell him his partner, Michael, had offered him a drive home. Oliver, after inquiring how his day was going, told him he’d see him at home around seven o’clock.

David informed him that he would be home around 4:30 so he would get dinner started. “How does steak and potatoes sound?” he asked. Oliver told him it sounded terrific then hung up to continue going over news copy so they could lay the paper to rest.

Oliver walked into the condo around 7:15 to the smell of burning potatoes and the sound of the smoke detector blaring throughout the rooms.

“David! David! What’s going on in here? Is there a fire?”

“Oh hi, Ollie,” David sheepishly stated as he peeked his head around the corner. “No, there’s no major fire. I’m just getting used to this oven and I guess I set it too high for the baked potatoes and they began to burn. When I opened the oven door, smoke escaped which caused those damn sensitive smoke detectors to go off. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give you a fright.”

“That’s okay, just as long as you’re not hurt,” Oliver said as he grabbed a step ladder in order to reach and shut off the smoke alarms before the whole floor felt the need to call 911.

“I think we better change the location of these things or buy some of those new ones that have remote control shut off switches,” David suggested as he helped Oliver down.

“Sounds like a super idea to me. Now why don’t you fix us both a salad to go with those steaks while I take a shower?”

“Yes, Master.” David bowed in a mock sign of subservience.

Oliver gave his Brat a teasing swat on his behind as he passed. “Don’t get smart, Mister, or you’ll find yourself eating dinner standing up.”

David, knowing Oliver was only teasing, blew him a kiss before reaching into the fridge for the salad fixings. He smiled as he heard the soft refrain of laughter coming down the hall.

Over dinner, they told each other about their first day at work. David told him all about his new partner and all the interesting people he met on patrol. Oliver told him all about his staff and about the receptionist working the lobby. David shared a laugh or two when Oliver told him how he shamefully flirted with the girl.

When the meal was over, David got up to clear the dishes and ask Oliver what he wanted for dessert.

Oliver pushed the dishes out of the way, grabbed David by the waist and sat him on the table.

“This is what I want for dessert,” Oliver growled as he reached out and ran a finger down the front of David’s trousers. David let out a moan as the fingers began to rub him through the cloth.

David’s legs were trembling now as Oliver kissed him fully on the lips and he arched into both the moving hand and the kiss. As Oliver’s fingers kept up the pressure, David parted his lips and Oliver’s hot tongue slid in to greet him; his legs pushing in between David’s opened thighs. The kiss went on forever until Oliver pulled away. He stared deeply into his partner’s eyes as he carefully unbuttoned David’s pants and slid the zipper down. David’s breath was coming in small gasps as he felt Oliver’s fingers delve inside to move his underwear aside and stroke David’s now erect penis.

Easing his legs around to a half-sitting position, David gave easier access to Oliver’s hand. The older man didn’t miss the opportunity to pull his young partner’s penis out of his pants so he could stroke and fondle it some more.

David loved the sensation of being touched like this. “I love you,” Oliver whispered as he kissed David again then traced his tongue down the young man’s neck, being careful not to leave marks as he nibbled him with his teeth.

“Ohhhh…I love you too,” he moaned as Oliver pulled him further to the edge of the table, easing him up to slid the trousers and underwear over his hips and down David’s thighs until they fell to the floor.

‘Mmmmm,” Oliver cooed as he got off the chair to kneel in front of his partner. When Oliver’s mouth engulfed him, David nearly flew off the table; the feeling of pleasure was so intense. He closed his eyes when he felt Oliver’s tongue licking his flesh and his fingers fondling his testicles. He tipped his head back and let out a deep moaning sound as a sense of overwhelming joy enveloped him.

David’s hands grasped Oliver’s shoulders as Oliver’s mouth moved up and down faster now as he took all of David’s erect member into his mouth. David was bucking up to reach the mouth as it moved up and down and he felt fingers probing at his entrance as well fondling his scrotum. He deliberately relaxed as he felt Oliver’s middle finger make its way inside his anus. As soon as Oliver found the magic spot inside his young lover, he knew the end was near. He felt the grip on his shoulders grow stronger as David’s seed came pouring into his mouth and down his throat.

“Oh my God, Ollie, that was fantastic,” he stated as he kissed and tasted himself on Oliver’s lips.

“Ya, it was.” Oliver unzipped his own jeans and pulled his erect penis out. He nudged David’s legs open again then placed them over his shoulder. After inserting his fingers in David once again to prepare him properly, he then slid his erection into David with little effort. The table was rocking dangerously as the dirty dishes fell over one by one unto the tile floor, making a crashing sound with every thrust. David gripped the sides of the table as his head fell back in total ecstasy as Oliver pulled out a little then slowly moved back in and out again.

“I’m so happy you belong to me, my little Brat,” Oliver gasped as he soon began quickening the pace. He gripped David around the waist as the younger man, knowing the end was near, forced his muscles to grip Oliver’s penis hard. Small moans could be heard as Oliver pressed himself in as far as he could until the last drop was released.

When it was over, Oliver placed tiny kisses all over David’s smiling face. He then helped him up and helped him redress. They both looked down at the broken china surrounding the table. In unison, they burst out in laughter.

“I hated that pattern anyway,” Oliver remarked as he helped clean up the mess

“Yes, me too. Maybe we’ll get a new set as a wedding gift.”

“One can only hope.”

After the mess was cleaned up, they went down stairs to play a little pool then off to bed where they contently fell asleep in each others arms.


“I don’t want Uncle Henry at our wedding!” David’s voice was just below a scream as he expressed his sentiment about Uncle Henry for the tenth time.

“Look, David, he’s your only uncle on your mother’s side. It would be a great insult to both of them if he didn’t get an invitation.”

David let out a loud sigh. The task of putting the finishing touches on the guest list was getting very stressful. He knew the caterer would have to have an approximate number when they met with him next weekend, but it was a struggle to keep the list small yet fair to everyone.

“Look, Ollie, he won’t come. So why waste a stamp on him?”

“I’m through having this discussion. Uncle Henry is on the list, period. Now let’s move on.”


“No buts, I said that was the end of the discussion and I mean it. Besides, if you’re sure he won’t attend the wedding, your problem of him being there is solved, so forget it. Now how many of your police buddies in New York do you wish to invite?”

“Well my Sgt. and the Chief of course and all the members of my Tactical Team, so I guess that’s ten.”

Oliver smiled to himself at hearing just a hint of a lingering complaint about Uncle Henry in David’s tone, but he was pleased to see that his young Brat also knew when to stop making his point and move on as his Top demanded.

“How about a cup of tea, kiddo?” Oliver asked as he got up and stretched his weary muscles that were beginning to tighten up from sitting over this list for such a long period of time at the dining room table.

“Sounds great, I’ll get the kettle boiling while you pick out the flavor you would like.”

The two men began moving into the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “You get the kettle, Dave, while I get the door.”

Oliver reached the door at the second ring to find their wedding consultant on the other side; her arms full of folders.

“Good morning, Mr. Newman,” she smiled up at him.

“Barb, I told you to call me Oliver, okay?”

“Right…..uh Oliver, I keep forgetting how informal you and David are. It’s like a breath of fresh air, let me tell you.”

“We’re just about to partake in a cup of tea. Would you like a cup?”

“I’d love one. Thank you, Oliver,” Barb replied as she made her way to the dinning room table and dropped her files besides the guest list.

“David, Barb’s here. Grab another cup from the cupboard.”

“Hi Barbie,” David’s voice rang out from the kitchen

“Hello, Dave. How you doing this fine morning?”

“Well to tell you the truth, this guest list is giving me a slight headache but other than that, I’m great.”

Barb let out a small chuckle. “I hear that at almost every wedding I plan, that the guest list was the worst hurdle to cross.”

“What kind of tea would you like, Barbie?”

"Whatever you two are having will be fine with me, thanks.”

“Barb,” Oliver asked. “Why does my young man call you Barbie?”

“Well he says my face reminds him of a cute Barbie doll his sister had when she was younger, so he just turned Barb into Barbie. I think it’s sweet.”

“Knowing David as well as I do, that makes perfect sense.” They shared a laugh as David walked into the room carrying a tray with three china cups and a matching tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl. He set it down in the middle of the table in order to give the consultant a warm hug.

“Well what do you have for us today, Barbie?” David asked as he began serving.

“After our meeting last week, I narrowed down the list of bands, photographers and florists to three each. Today I would like you guys to make the final decision so we can book them.”

“Okay, let’s start with the bands,” Oliver suggested.

“Fine, as you remember, your final three picks were Joe and the Boys, The Imposters and finally Kahootz. Let’s go over their files and see if one of the groups stands out more than the other two.”

After discussion their wants and needs for a band back and forth, the men came to a consensus that the band Kahootz met their needs. The eight member band made up of seven men and one woman was based out of Boston and they work very closely with their clients. The band featured two talented and versatile solo vocalists. The musicians offer bass, keyboard, guitar, saxophone, trombone and drums. They could play selections from Motown, 80’s dance, rock, contemporary hip-hop, country or rhythm and blues. They could even offer a smaller version of the band for the ceremony and the rehearsal dinner if needed. They guaranteed to keep the party hopping all night long.

Barb picked up her cell phone and called the number listed on the band’s web site. In a few short minutes, she had the band leader on the phone. When all the questions were asked and answered to everyone’s satisfaction, the band was booked. It was also agreed upon that they would all get together later in the year to discuss the music in greater detail.

“Well that was an easy process, now on to the florist. May I suggest ‘Boston Blossoms’? I’ve worked with them in the past and they meet my high expectations. They know exactly what flowers go with what season and their decorating techniques are magnificent. They will have the place looking like a winter wonderland. They will also work hand in hand with the catering staff to ensure that everything is in balance and in perfect harmony with your theme.”

“If you have a great working relationship with them, I can’t see why we wouldn’t go with them. Do you agree, David?”

“I trust Barbie’s judgment, so I say let’s go with ‘Boston Blossoms’.”

“Well that just leaves the photographer. Oliver, as that is your area of expertise, do you have time to go over the list we narrowed down?”

“As a matter of fact I do, and I even went as far as to call a couple in preparation for this meeting.”

“Did you make a choice?” she asked.

“Yes I did and if David approves, I think we should go with The Eric Limon Studios. I looked over his portfolio and his pictures capture the feeling and emotions of that special day and I like the fact that he is informal and very lay back. He understands that a wedding is one of the most memorial days in a couple’s life and a time to celebrate love, joy, friendship and family. Also to top it all off, he specializes in gay weddings.”

“What are his credentials, Ollie?’ David asked.

“He’s been a professional photographer for ten years and for the last five years he’s been only shooting weddings. If you’d like to go to his studio and look over his work, David, that will be fine with me.”

“No, just as I trust Barbie on the florist, I trust your judgment on the photographer. If you’re happy with this guy, I say let’s not waste any more time and book him.”

“Oh my, you guys make my job so easy. Let’s give this Eric a call shall we, then I’ll call the florist.”

“While you do that, Barb, I’m going to make us another cup of tea.”

“Thank you, Oliver, I could sure use another cup,” Barb replied as she dialed the cell phone.

By mid afternoon as Barb was getting her files together to leave. They worked out the details for their trip to the South Shore to stay at the Red Lion Inn. The Red Lion Inn was the place they booked for the wedding as well as the reception. It was located in Cohasset, Massachusetts. It was a very popular location for weddings and they insisted on having all the details worked out in advance so they could start planning. Barb had booked them a couple of rooms for next weekend so they could meet with the manager and catering staff to go over the details. It was decided that they would take Oliver’s car and would leave early Friday afternoon.

At the door, Barb asked, “Did you pick out your wedding bands yet? David told me you were going band shopping last week.”

“All we did was window shop, but I think tomorrow we’ll actually go into a couple of jewelers and have a look around,” Oliver answered as he helped the young lady on with her coat.

“Have fun,” she stated as she placed a kiss on both their cheeks then bid them good-bye. When the men were alone once more, they cleaned up the table. Then they decided to give Eric and Phil a call to enquire if they would like to go out to dinner. Eric and Phil agreed to meet them down in the lobby at 5:30 pm. From there they would walk the few blocks to their newly-found favorite restaurant for a night of good food and conversation.

The evening ended with a night cap in the Flemming apartment, then off to bed. As Oliver and David snuggled under the blankets they went over the days events. They were both pleased with the progress of the wedding and their new-found friendship with Eric and Phil.


Oliver picked David up at the precinct after his shift so they could grab a bite to eat then go ring shopping.

“Gee, I’ll be happy when I get a car of my own,” David grumbled as he put his seat belt on.

“Why? You don’t like me picking you up?” Oliver teased.

“No, you know I love the fact that you pick me up. It’s just that I feel like I lost a bit of independence or something.”

“I know, kiddo. Maybe the right car will come along soon; you’re just too picky about what exactly you want.”

“I know, I know. Enough about my mode of transportation; where do you want to eat?”

“What about that Italian place close to Babini’s?”

“Next to Babini’s? Does that mean we can get that set of weddings bands we saw there?” David was starting to get excited.

“I think so. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our discussion on traditional rings vs. rings that mean something special to us and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of those burnished rainbow sapphire Eternity bands we saw in Babini’s window last week. I also remember the look in your eyes when you spotted them, so I figured there’s no harm in going in and taking a closer look.”

“Oh Ollie, I love you even more this second than I did the second that just past. To hell with dinner, let’s go straight to the jeweler. We can eat after.”

“Ha! Why did I know that was going to be your response? Let’s go.”

Babini’s was a small intimate family jewelry store in downtown Cambridge that catered to the unique style of this generation. A smartly dressed gentleman met them at the door and directed them to the ring counter. He then introduced them to their ring specialist, who directed them to a couple of stools.

“What can I do for you gentlemen this fine day?” he spoke with a slight accent that Oliver guessed to be of a European nature.

“We would like to look at those rainbow sapphire Eternity bands, please,” David answered the man.

“Ah, I see the gentleman has an eye for fine pieces.” The man kept on talking as he pulled out the rings from under the jewelry case and placed them on the counter in front of the two men. “You may have your choice of 14k white or yellow gold for the band which you can see here and you can also have it made with a satin or high polish look. No matter what choice of band you choose, it will be set with burnished sapphires in the natural colors of the rainbow. Would you like to try them on, gentlemen?”

David took the white gold band and placed in on his left ring finger which was absent of his engagement ring since he couldn’t wear it at work. He held it up for Oliver to inspect.

“Oh Ollie, isn’t it just perfect? I like the white gold, don’t you?”

Oliver slipped the yellow gold one on his finger and placed his hand over David’s. After comparing the two settings, he agreed the white gold was much more elegant looking and it suited them better than the yellow.

“I think we’ve made our decision. We would like these rings in white gold, please.” Oliver informed the man behind the counter.

“Excellent choice, sir. May I ask when the date of the wedding?”

“We’re getting married on the 22nd of January next year,” Oliver informed him.

“That will give us plenty of time to size and engrave them. Do you wish to leave them here or take them home and bring them in at a later date?”

“Let’s leave them here. When do you need the sizing and engraving information?”

“If you could come back in late October or early November, that would give us plenty of time.”

“That’s perfect, don’t you think, David?”

“Just super, Ollie; that suits me just fine.”

“Well, gentlemen, all that’s left is the terms of payment. Will that be cash or charge?”

“Charge, thank you,” Oliver informed the clerk as he pulled out his wallet and placed his Platinum American Express they’d ordered expressly for the wedding expenses, on the glass counter.

David excused himself to look around for ideas for attendant gifts while Oliver concluded the transaction. He spotted a couple of great items which he thought would be perfect and made a note of them in his mind.

Leaving the store, Oliver took David’s hand in his as they headed for the restaurant. “So are you pleased with our wedding bands, my love?”

“Oh Ollie, having rainbow rings, which symbolizes our gay wedding is just about the most perfect choice we could have decided on. I can’t wait to have it on my finger.”

“Me either. I’m glad we didn’t go with the traditional, because that certainly is not us, is it?”

“No it isn’t. I just wish I could wear it while on duty, but the force has regulations about no jewelry of any kind while on duty,” David stated as he pulled his engagement ring from his coat pocket and placed it on his finger.

“Where did that come from? I thought you kept that at home.”

“No, I take it to work and place it in my locker so I can slip it on as soon as my shift is over. I was so excited about going ring shopping tonight that I just put the box in my pocket to put it on later.”

Approaching the restaurant door, Oliver lifted David’s ring finger to his lips and placed a tender kiss upon it.

David smiled sweetly as he led the way into the establishment. Over dinner, they held hands and discussed the trip next weekend to the Red Lion Inn. They could hardly wait.


As promised, Barb Jones met David and Oliver at their place at three pm. Along with her briefcase she pulled out a small overnight bag and threw them in the trunk of Oliver’s car, before jumping into the spacious back seat. She told the men her associate/partner would be meeting them at the inn tomorrow morning.

It only took a couple of hours to reach their destination and as they pulled into the drive, David became more and more excited. The old inn had originally been built in the 1700’s. It was spectacular and just as he pictured it.

After they checked-in, they were shown to their rooms and told the manager would meet them in the main lobby in thirty minutes. That gave them just enough time to unpack and freshen up.

The manager, who Oliver guessed to be in his early forties, met them at the bottom of the lobby staircase and introduced himself as Ivan. After the introductions were made, he led the way to the Lion’s Hall. They entered the hall through the wooden canopy of one of the outside terraces. David and Oliver clasped hands as they took in the surroundings; the post and beam construction, the balconies all around the top of the room, the central staircase, the chandeliers, the tables with their linen tablecloths and a ceiling so high that it appears to reach to the heavens.

“Oh my God, Ollie, just look at this place. Isn’t it just perfect? Can’t you see it in your mind’s eye? You and I will be at the bottom of the stairs facing Don, with the band at the top of the stairs, and our family and friends behind us. I can just see us walking through this door and down this long, white-carpeted hall to the foot of these magnificent stairs.” David had to stop talking because he was overcome with emotion.

Barb found herself reaching for a Kleenex to wipe a tear away when she noticed Oliver swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat.

“I’m so happy to hear how pleased you are with the Lion’s Hall. Now if you would, let us move to the private reception rooms where you may hold your rehearsal dinner,” the manager suggested, leading the way.

They walked back to the lobby then to a short covered walk outside to the other side of the Inn. He showed them three private rooms. The one they finally chose was the Yellow Room which is one of the oldest rooms in the inn and featured exposed beam ceilings, a large fireplace and French doors to an outside porch area. The room would accommodate fifteen to twenty guests which would be perfect for their rehearsal dinner guests.

“Before I leave you for the evening, my final task is to show you our honeymoon suites. The guest’s rooms are all identical to the rooms you are staying in this evening, so I don’t have to show you those. The ones I will show you are the ones for your immediate wedding party and of course, yourselves.

They walked up the stairs making small talk until they reached a door that had a number nine on it. Ivan unlocked the wooden door and stood aside to let them enter.

“As you can see,” he stated, “this room would be perfect for one set of parents. It has a king-size, four-poster bed with a fireplace and cathedral ceiling. Another perfect room for the parents is room eight next door. It also has a king-size poster bed and fireplace but the difference is the sunken living area.” He paused to let the men and their consultant look around and discuss who would stay in what room.

After waiting for questions and hearing none, he led them to guest room ten which held two queen-size beds, a jacuzzi and a fireplace. This room was connected to guest room twelve which had a king-size four-poster bed, fireplace and jacuzzi and French doors leading to another balcony.

“This would be perfect for Don and Elliot,” David said and Oliver agreed with him.

“Now to the honeymoon suites,” Ivan said as he led the way down the hall. “We have two suites for your inspection.” He unlocked suite number one and bid the men to enter first.

“Wow, Ollie, look at the jacuzzi in front of the fireplace. Isn’t that romantic?”

“It sure is, kiddo. I like the two sitting areas and the king-size poster bed.”

“You will also notice, gentlemen, that this room has a private elevator and a separate walk-in shower.” Ivan reported.

“Very nice, Ivan,” Oliver noted. “May we look at the other room to compare the two?”

“Of course, sir. This way please.”

Guest room fourteen was a large room with two sets of French doors opening to separate balconies. It also had a four-poster king-size bed, a sitting area with a fireplace and the bathroom held a jacuzzi and shower.

Oliver felt a lot more comfortable in this room. It had a more intimate feeling than the other but he waited for David’s opinion before he spoke.

“Ollie, I don’t know about you, but I like this room better than the other. It’s more…I don’t know…it has a more romantic feel to it. What do you think?”

“My sentiments exactly. Ivan, we’ll book this room as well as room twelve for our best man and his partner. We will let you know about the other rooms by the end of the month, if that’s all right?”

“That, sir, is perfectly alright with me. If you will excuse me, I will go immediately to my office and book these rooms and I will see you tomorrow morning when you have your meeting with our head chef and the head of the catering department.”

“I thank you for your time and I look forward to our morning meeting.” Oliver shook the manager’s hand followed by David, then Barb.

By the time the tour was over, the group was ready for dinner. They made their way to the Cave Du Roi lounge, where they made themselves comfortable on one of the velvet lounge sofas and partook to drinks and sandwiches. By nine pm they said good evening and went to their separate rooms, agreeing to meet for breakfast at eight am, before their nine am meeting.

David had a hard time settling down as plans and preparations kept running through his head. All of a sudden, he felt the blankets being pulled off his body as Oliver couldn’t stand his partner’s tossing and turning any longer.

“That’s it, David. Either settle down or get out of bed and go for a walk or to the gym or whatever you have to do to relax. You’re about to drive me crazy with your thrashing about and sighing every ten seconds.”

“I’m so sorry, Ollie. I wasn’t aware I was keeping you awake. Although I’m very tired, I can’t seem to shut my mind off. All I can concentrate on is the wedding.”

“Fine, but it’s like I just stated, if you don’t do something to settle down, I’ll really give you something to concentrate on rather than the wedding. You know what that is, so the decision is yours.”

David swallowed hard as he looked into the eyes of his Top and realized he was dead serious. So with just a little hesitation, he slipped out the warm bed, grabbed his novel from the nightstand and made his way to the lounge chair by the fireplace.

“Fine, I’ll just read for awhile. Should I try and read in the dark in case the light disrupts your beauty sleep?”

Even if someone was meeting David for the first time and wasn’t used to his tone of voice, it would have been obvious his words were dripping with sarcasm. Sarcasm he immediately regretted when he witnessed Oliver slip out of his side of the bed and make his way across the room in a couple of steps.

The older man pulled his Brat off the seat, turned him around and gave him four hard swats on his pyjama-covered backside. That’s all it took to start the tears spilling down David’s face and the ‘I’m sorry’ to spill out of his mouth.

Oliver took him into his arms for a comforting and forgiving hug then led him back to bed. “Do you think you can fall asleep now, baby?” he asked.

“Well to be perfectly honest, I think a little exercise would go along way to aid in the process and I know exactly what type of exercise I want to participate in.“

Oliver let out a deep chuckle as he pulled David closer. “To tell you the truth, I think I could use a little exercise myself. Come here, my little exercise buddy.”

They made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. They didn’t wake up until the wake-up call came in at seven am.

After their showers and shaves, they got dressed and met Barb in the dining room for breakfast. At 8:45 they made their way to the head chef’s office to go over the menu. The meeting lasted over two hours due to the fact that David kept changing his mind on the dessert menu. After finally deciding on a five-layer cake, the three said their good-byes and then made their way back to their rooms to pack.

On the elevator ride down to the lobby, David did his best to convince Oliver to let him go into the village and do some shopping. It took a little bit of pleading and puppy dog eyes but finally Oliver gave in, but only after he made David promise he would not purchase anything too expensive without his approval. David reluctantly agreed as the doors opened into the foyer.

Barb and David made their way to the car while Oliver paid the bill.

“Hey Barb, I want you to help me pick up some extra gifts for the parents and special guests.”

“Oh no you don’t, Dave. You’re not dragging me into this. I remember distinctively that Oliver stated the only gifts that could be purchased were for your best men. The fact that the others guests rooms are being paid for is gift enough according to what Oliver stated.”

“Oh come on, Barb. I know Oliver and after he sees the gifts, he’ll agree it was a good idea.”

“Are you sure?” the wedding planner asked hesitantly.

“Positive! Trust me, I know my partner. Under all that grumbling and stuff, he’s a real soft touch.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

David was about to answer when he spotted Oliver coming across the parking lot. He threw the last of the suitcases in the trunk, then walked over to the side door and opened it for Barb before jumping in the front passenger seat.

“We all set?” he asked Oliver as the driver’s door opened.

“All set. I got the directions to the village and how we can make our way back to the city without backtracking.”

The conversation on the short ride was casual and light. It took about twenty minutes to get to their destination and find a parking area. Oliver announced that he was going to find a book store and hopefully a coffee shop. David informed him that he and Barb were going shopping for gift ideas for Elliot and Don. They agreed to meet back at the car in ninety minutes.

Before they parted, Oliver took David in his arms for a hug and a whispered warning in his Brat’s ear to remember not to purchase anything too expensive and most importantly, not to buy gifts for anyone except the best men.

If only Barb had heard those whispered words, she may have been able to spare David some pain. Unfortunately for the young man, she didn’t. Unsuspectingly, she took David’s offered hand and began the treasure hunt.

The two had no luck at the first two shops but when they reached the third, David struck pay dirt. He found beautifully strung pearl bracelets which had a toggled closure accented with a silver charm. They were on sale for fifty dollars each and for an extra thirty dollars, a memory box with an engraved inscription was included.

“Oh Barb, aren’t these perfect for the women?” David was practically beaming as he held out the bracelet and box.

“I agree, David. Any woman would love to receive one of these.”

“Great! Sir….” David called the manager over and handed him a slip of paper. “I’ll take nine of these, please, and here is the date I want engraved on the charm. O the memory boxes, you can put the words ‘with love and appreciation on being a part of our special day. Love, David and Oliver’.”

“Now I need something special and unique for the men. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Well, sir, if you follow me to the watch counter; I would like to show you a special watch that just came in yesterday. “ He pulled out a simple-looking, silver watch with a black leather strap. With one push on the stem, the watch face lifted to reveal a secret compartment where a special photo could be placed along with a date.

“Wow, David; that is so neat!” Barb exclaimed as she took the watch from the store manager’s hand.

“I’ll say and I have just the perfect picture.” David pulled his digital camera from his backpack. After filtering through a few frames, he came across the one he was looking for. It was the picture that his dad had taken of him and Oliver at their engagement party. It was, as everyone stated, the perfect picture of the two men as they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“How much are the watches?” Barb asked.

“With taxes they come up to a hundred and ten dollars each, which includes the picture insert and engraving.”

“Great, I’ll take them. I’ll need…hmmm, let me see; nine for the family members, two for the best men, one for the MC, one for the guest book attendant, and of course, one each for me and Oliver. So that’s thirteen.”

The manager was beside himself with joy at the amount of money he was going to make in just a few moments. He took the flash card from David’s camera into the back so he could scan the picture into his computer and to add up the bill.

“Oh by the way, sir, what do you want engraved on the watches?”

“The same as I gave you for the bracelet.”

“Fine, sir, I will be right back.”

The wedding planner had a bad feeling about how much David was spending, but it was really none of her business so she bit her tongue and began to browse around while David waited to pay the bill.

The manager came back with the total. “Mr. Bradford, the grand total for you today will be $2365.00 with the taxes included. Will that be cash, check or charge?”

David pulled out the credit card designated for the wedding expenses. “Charge, please.” As he signed the receipt, he didn’t give one thought to the consequences of his actions. He gave the manager the number of the Cambridge Police Department with instruction to call him there when the work was done. “I want Oliver’s watch to be a surprise,” he explained.

“That will be fine, sir. It will take a week or two to complete the work.”

“That’s great. Thank you for all your assistance.”

“You’re very welcome and thank you for your patronage, Mr. Bradford.”

They were just getting to the car when they spotted Oliver making his way down the street.

“Perfect timing, did you find a coffee shop?”

“Yes I did, along with a quant little book shop that specialized in hard-to-find books. How about you two, any luck?”

“Yes as a matter of fact, I got these neat watches for Elliot and Don. Each has a secret compartment where our picture can be placed. I chose the one my dad took at our engagement party. Okay?”

“How much were the watches, David?”

“They were only a hundred and ten dollars each. I think our best men are worth it, don’t you?”

“I guess,” Oliver let out a chuckle. “Of course they are, kiddo; you did good. Now let’s get back to the city as you have the early shift in the morning and Barb must be anxious to get back.”

On the way back into the city, more wedding plans were discussed along with time schedules and other odds and ends. It was around four pm when they pulled up to the apartment. After helping Barb with her luggage and good bye hugs, David and Oliver made their way upstairs. They were both tired and hungry, so after a small meal of grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, they took a shower and went to bed.


During the month they were back, everything had settled into a routine once again. Work was going fine and the wedding plans were moving ahead smoothly. The responses were coming in and the final list was being updated. David’s behavior was above reproach and only once since they returned from the Lion’s Inn did Oliver have to shoot him a warning look. Unfortunately for David, his luck was about to change.

Monday morning started off in the usual manner, breakfast was made and eaten, and David made the bed while Oliver cleared the dishes. As David made his way back to Oliver, he was putting the finishing touches on his uniform. When his tie was secured and his hat brushed off, he gave Oliver a good-bye kiss and started out the door.

“Hey kiddo, wait up. I’ll walk down with you and grab the mail.”

“Okay, but hurry up. I only have thirty minutes before roll call.”

“I’m coming now. Let’s go.”

They exchanged pleasantries in the elevator and once more kissed farewell at the mail box. As Oliver began sorting through the mail, he reminded David of the dinner invitation with Eric and Phil.

“I remembered and I’m looking forward to it. Don’t worry. If nothing happens at work, I’ll be home on time. If not, I’ll give you a call.”

Oliver gave an understanding nod as he knew police work wasn’t always a nine to five day. He had just begun opening the Master Card statement as David made his way to the car. In the elevator once more, Oliver’s eyes examined the statement more closely and he noticed the owing balance.

“What the hell?” he said to himself. “This balance is kinda high. Staying at the inn didn’t cost that much; did it?” As he examined it more closely, his gaze fell upon an amount that made his blood pressure rise. There was a balance owing at a jewellery store for well over two thousand dollars. Immediately on entering the apartment, Oliver called information for the store number and then impatiently dialled it.

After the fourth ring, a soft-spoken gentleman answered. “Good morning, Precious Memories Jewellers. This is Andrew, how may I assist you?”

“Yes, this is Oliver Newman and I just received my Master Card bill. I noticed a substantial amount was charged at your establishment and I was wondering if you could give me more information.”

“I will certainly try, sir, if you don’t mind giving me your credit card number, the amount owing and the date the purchase was made.”

Oliver obliged and then waited while Andrew went to look it up on his computer. He thought he wouldn’t be able to stand that annoying music being played in his ear for another second when Andrew’s voice finally came back on the line.

“Mr. Newman, I have the information right here. On the date in question, a Mr. David Bradford purchased nine pearl bracelets with memory boxes and thirteen specialized watches. Do you know a Mr. Bradford and does he have signing authority on this card?”

“Oh yes, I know him and he did have signing authority, but I have strong feeling that is about to change.”

“Ah…..yes, sir. That decision is of course up to you, but what do you wish me to do with this order. We haven’t started the engraving or the digital picture process, so it’s not too late to cancel the order.”

“I’ll have to think about it for a day or two. Hold off on the work for a couple of days and I promise I’ll get back to you.”

“That’s fine, sir. I’ll put a note right on the work order to wait until a Mr. Newman calls to finalize order.”

“Thank you, Andrew, for your help. I promise to get back in touch with you one way or the other.”

“Goodbye, sir, and I hope you have a good day.”

“You as well.”

After Oliver finished his call, he called Eric to inform him that he and David would not be attending the dinner tonight because David’s little arse would be to sore for him to be able to go anywhere. Eric told Oliver he completely understood and did not pry into the reason why Oliver’s Brat was about to get disciplined.

Oliver voluntarily shared the information with his friend and fellow-Top. “When we were at the inn, my little Brat went to a jewellery store and made a huge purchase after being told not to. And to make it worse, he lied about it when I asked him what he had bought. That’s two major rules he broke; the promise to me not to purchase anything and the lie. So he is about to feel my full disappointment.”

“It sounds like you’re thinking of using a paddle. Are you?”

“Yes, I think I have to. I don’t use it very often. As a matter of fact, I think I only used it once in our relationship. But breaking two rules is enough to sanction it, so I’m strongly considering it.”

“Well, my friend, that decision is entirely up to you. But I agree, the paddle should be considered in these circumstances. Oliver, after the discipline is over and you think you and David are up to it, please still come up and visit. It’s an open invitation.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Eric, and thanks for listening.”

“Anytime, my friend. After all, who else can understand what you’re going through than another Top?”

“You got that right. See you later.”


David unsuspectingly came through the door at four-forty pm with a huge smile on his face and his arms outstretched for an embrace. The smile quickly turned to a frown and a chill of fear moved up his spine when he spotted the coldness in Oliver’s eyes and the open Master Card bill on the table.

‘Oh fuck,’ he thought to himself as the realization of the consequences he was about to face over the gifts purchase began to set in. Another shiver ran through him as he also became aware of the paddle placed strategically next to the bill.

“I’m in for it, aren’t I?” he asked when he was finally able to speak.

“You could say that, David. And since you are aware of it, let’s not waste anytime on pretext. Please remove your pants and shorts and place yourself over my lap.”

“Won’t you give me a chance to explain, Ollie?”

“Oh, you’ll have plenty of time for that, young man. Now, as you say in the police world, please assume the position.”

“But why the paddle, Ollie? Can’t you just use your hand?”

“I am going to use my hand, but because of the severity of your actions, your broken promise and your lie, you will be getting ten swats with the paddle at the end of the hand spanking. Is that understood?”

Knowing he had no other choice, David finished stripping and placed his body over Oliver’s lap. Oliver rubbed the soft backside gently before his hand came down for the first hit. David was beginning to weep as soon as the first of many slaps of skin on skin reined down; one cheek and then the other, until David’s skin took on a very rosy glow.

When the spanking stopped, David braced himself for what was coming next. Oliver once again rubbed the bare skin, then informed his Brat he was about to begin the second part of his punishment. David’s sobs grew louder as the cold hardwood made contact with his raw skin; five swats on one cheek and five swats on the other. By the time the last of the ten had landed, David was shaking and crying uncontrollably. Oliver dropped the paddle and in one smooth motion, lifted his Brat onto his lap.

David threw his arms around Oliver’s neck and buried his head in the crook of his Top’s neck. “I’m so very sorry, Ollie. I was wrong to break those rules, but I got so carried away with all the wedding plans, I didn’t stop to think of what I was doing. I’ll call the jeweller tomorrow and cancel all the orders except the two watches for Elliot and Don.”

“Let me think about the gifts tonight and I’ll give you my decision tomorrow. For now, I want you to go have a bath and put on something comfortable. If you’re up to it, we can still go see Eric and Phil for drinks.”

“If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather stay home. I’m not up to making conversation tonight.”

“Okay, that’s fine with me. Now go take your bath and then get ready for bed. I’ll be up in a few moments to wash your back; then I’ll tuck you in.”

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

“Yes, baby, you’re forgiven. You’ve learned your lesson the hard way and I know you’ll never make that mistake again.”

After they kissed, David jumped off Oliver’s lap and made his way upstairs. A few hours later, they were in bed snuggling and discussing the gifts and their upcoming visit to Elliot and Don's for the July fourth weekend.


As the wedding couple settled down in their cabin, David’s thoughts went back to their wedding day. Time just seemed to fly in the last months of preparation.

They had spent the July 4th holiday with Elliot and Don who presented the couple with their wedding gift. A honeymoon cruise to the sunny Caribbean. The two men were floored by their friends generosity and after a few minutes of ‘Oh no, this is too expensive’ and ‘We can’t possibly accept this’, Elliot finally convinced them to shut up and accept the gift with grace. Oliver gave up the argument and humbly thanked them both. The time spent with their closest friends went by in a blur and before they knew it, David and Oliver were heading back to Cambridge.

Over the next several months, David met with the wedding planner on a by-weekly basis to finalize the event. The tuxedos were purchased and altered, the menu for the reception was completed and the wedding bands were sized, engraved and ready to be picked up.

By late November all the invitations were back. Out of the 200 invitations, 190 RSVP’d back in the positive. Their friends from Russia sent their regrets. Although they would have loved to attend, a VISA was out of the question for such a reason as a wedding. Although David and Oliver were disappointed, they understood completely and passed on those sentiments to their Russian comrades.

By December, David was beside himself with nerves and anticipation. It took all his willpower to concentrate at work. Oliver, though anxious, was handling the upcoming event with more calmness than his partner which was a good thing. A calm Brat was enough to handle but a nervous one kept a Top on his toes. It was good that Oliver had a clear head.

One December evening, just before Christmas, the boys met with Barb and the two soloists of the band they had chosen. The band named ‘Kahootz’ came highly recommended and had played for numerous gay weddings since gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts. Over cocktails, they reviewed the music for the wedding.

“Well when Oliver and I enter the room and walk down the aisle together, I want ‘For You’ by John Denver, if that’s okay with you, Ollie?” David asked.

“Of course, baby, that’s perfect. Now if I may make a suggestion, when we’re lighting the unity candle I would like ‘Everyday’ by Rascal Flatts to be sung and for our first dance it should be ‘The Perfect Gift’ by The Canadian Tenors. Our next door neighbor gave us this group’s Christmas CD last week and we both fell head over heels in love with that song. Are you familiar with it?” Oliver asked Leon Spradley, the lead soloist.

“No sir, I am not but Amy and I have plenty of time to learn it so ‘The Perfect Gift’ it will be.”

“May I suggest,” Amy Ellis, the other soloist stated, “that as the guests are being seated for the wedding, we play soft instrumental love songs and as everyone gathers for the reception awaiting the wedding party, we play up beat and jazzy stuff.”

“Sounds great to me,” Oliver commented. “What about you, David? Are you okay with that?”

“Sure, and we’ll leave the song list up to you guys,” David replied.

After the singers left, Barb took out her final list. “Okay guys, you had your Russian friends involved in the wedding and now that they’re not coming have you thought of replacements?”

“As a matter of fact,” David interjected. “I have. I thought my fellow police officer and partner, Michael, could do the reading that Martin was going to do and Phillip could take care of the guest book. What do you think, Ollie?”

“Well it seems you got that all worked out, so Michael and Phillip it is.”

“And your master of ceremonies is…?” Barb asked.

“Oh that would be Phillips partner, Eric Fleming,” Oliver informed her.

“Okay. Well you boys have a great Christmas and I’ll be in touch in the New Year for the final touches.”

David escorted her to the door and before she left, he handed her a tiny box all wrapped up in rainbow paper and ribbon. “Merry Christmas, Barb, and thanks for all your help.”

“Oh David, how thoughtful; may I open it now? I can’t wait until Christmas.”

“Sure, if you’d like to. Hey Ollie, come here. Barb is going to open her present.”

Oliver came out of the kitchen carrying a cup of steaming coffee. “My gracious, Barb’ you’re as bad as David here for opening gifts. Fine, go ahead and let’s see what we got you.”

“You mean you don’t know?” she asked as she carefully pulled off the tape as to not spoil the paper.

“No, the gift buying is David’s department. I trust his taste and judgment.”

When the wrapping was finally off to David’s relief (he hated the fact that some people take forever to open a present; just rip the paper off was his motto. After all there’s plenty more wrapping where that came from) Barb opened the tiny box to find a tiny heart surrounded by stones of every color of the rainbow. Inside the heart was the letter ‘B’. The young woman grew teary-eyed with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

“Oh boys, it’s just beautiful and I will treasure it forever.”

“Very nice David. See Barb, I told you my baby has great taste.”

“I must. I chose you, didn’t I?”

“Touché, my love, touché.”

After she hugged the two men in thanks, she bid them adieu until the New Year.

When they were alone once more, David joined Oliver on the sofa as he gazed dreamily at the Christmas tree.

“Oliver, there’s something I have to discuss with you.”

“And what would that be, may I ask?”

“The boys in the department want to throw me a bachelor party. I know how you feel about them and well uh, well I was wondering if it would be all right to have one?”

Oliver remained silent for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts and to state his objections in a clear decisive manner.

“David, we’ve had this discussion on several occasions and I don’t know what else I can tell you so that you will finally come to understand my objections.”

“Ollie, I know you had some bad experiences at bachelor parties before and you found them vulgar and insensitive, but what if I promised you that mine would not be that way?”

“David, you are not in a position to promise that. You are not the one planning the party. You are the guest of honor and believe me these parties may start off civilized, but they can quickly take a turn for the worst, so my answer is still a resounding ‘NO!’.”

David pulled away from his partner as his face turned into a pout. “You’re….you’re….”

“I’d advise you to choose your next words carefully, young man,” Oliver interrupted David’s ranting.

Taking a deep breath as the meaning of Oliver’s words became clear, David also gathered his thoughts. An idea finally came to him and he began to smile.

“Hey Ollie, what if we had the party here, down stairs. It could be a dual party for the both of us. We’d not only have the guys from the precinct, but also the guys from the building. And if we waited another week, Don and Elliot would be here. What do you think about that?”

“So instead of a bachelor party, it could be a wedding shower,” Oliver added

“Oh Ollie, let’s not call it that. That sounds to hetro.”

Oliver let out a chuckle as he pulled David back into his embrace. “Okay, if your buddies are in agreement, I’ll go along with that idea. We’ll order in pizza and have kegs of beer. You can even decide if you want music or movies, just as long as the movies aren’t porn.”

So it had been decided that on the last weekend before Christmas, all of David and Oliver’s friends and co-workers would gather in the game room. Some could play pool, while other groups challenged each other to video games on the WII system. Other groups could sit around and socialize and talk about the upcoming nuptials.

Around midnight everyone gathered around the piano and sang a variety of music which ranged from love songs to Christmas carols. Suddenly the lights went out, followed quickly by the glow of candles coming down the stairs. As the carols were being sung, a group of police officers had slipped away to the upstairs kitchen to prepare a surprise for their follow officer.

Oliver let out a low moan as he witnessed six burly cops carrying down a giant wedding cake. The lights came back on as the cake was placed before David. He was encouraged to blow out the candles which were obviously shaped like giant penises. As the last candle was extinguished, the top opened and a young blond man clothed in only a jock strap, a gun belt, handcuffs and hat emerged from the icing structure. The song ‘Bad Boys, Bad Boys’ began spilling out through the surround sound with the young man dancing in rhythm in front of David.

The young man turned back towards the cake and pulled out a giant gift box. He preceded to hand it over to David as he bent down and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “On behalf of the men of the Cambridge Police, we would like to present to you and your partner with this small gift of congratulations. We would also like to state that although we respect your partner’s wishes to keep things civil, we couldn’t resist the presenting of the gift this way.”

Oliver came over to David and placed a loving arm around his partner’s shoulder. He turned to the young man and replied, “Thanks to you all for respecting my feelings. I must say I admire the unique way you give out wedding presents.”

A loud cheer went out as well as shouts of “Open the box! Open the box!”

With his hands shaking in nervous anticipation, David quickly unwrapped the package. “Some kind of rubber dildo isn’t going to pop out at me, is it?” he joked to a rousing response of laughter. He pulled the tissue apart to spy an Apple box. The boys had pitched in and purchased him an IPad.

“Oh guys it’s….what can I say except thank you and I love it.”

“You’re so welcome,” Michael accepted the gratitude for them all.

“Okay Oliver, it’s your turn,” the staff from the paper exclaimed as a huge box was pushed towards their boss.

“Oh what’s this; a toy boy all to my own?” Oliver teased as he looked at the huge carton before him.

“The only way to find out is to unwrap it,” his secretary replied.

Like David, Oliver was a little nervous as he unwrapped the gift. Relief flooded through him when he noticed a picture of an office chair staring back at him. His staff had no doubt overhead his daily grumblings about the chair he had inherited from his predecessor that squeaked and had one of the springs shot. He also had a difficult time adjusting the back.

“Everyone, it’s beautiful; thank you so very much.”

“You’re welcome and maybe now you can help us run the paper,” they teased.

After the presents were opened and dessert of rainbow cake and rainbow ice cream was consumed, everyone began to leave. With Don and Elliot’s help, the cleanup went quickly and soon the four men had retired and were fast asleep.

When Christmas was behind them and the New Year celebrations done, the two men began the final plans. The day of the wedding finally approached. All the relatives had flown in and were taken to the Inn by limousine.

David and Oliver, along with Don, Elliot, Eric and Phil, arrived on the 21st. They barely had time to get settled in when it was time for the wedding rehearsal and dinner. The band was already set up as the couple walked into the room and Don was at the head of the stairs. After going over the routine three times, everyone was confident that everything was ready for the next day. The rehearsal meal was splendid but David didn’t eat that much. He just picked at the chicken and didn’t even touch the vegetables.

Taking note of his Brat’s lack of appetite, Oliver excused himself and his partner by using the reason of a long day tomorrow and needing rest.

Alone at last, David reached out to Oliver for a passionate kiss. “Oh Oliver, I need you so bad. Let’s take advantage of the hot tub and make passionate love to each other.”

“As tempting as that sounds, Davey, remember we agreed to abstain from sex this week until we are legally married.”

“But I can’t think of a better way to fight nerves than a little nookie.”

“I can think of one other thing that will settle those nerves, so unless you want to walk down the aisle tomorrow with a sore backside, keep it up. If not, go take a cold shower.”

“Fine since you put it that way,” David grumbled as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Oliver took the moments of privacy to put the finishing touches on his vows. “Please don’t let them sound to corny,” he prayed.

The morning sun streaming through the window awoke them before the wake-up call came through. They took their time eating breakfast and getting ready. Fifteen minutes before the ceremony was to begin, Elliot knocked on the door to escort them down to the room.

The time was finally here. As the doors opened and the words ‘For You’ came streaming into the corridor, the two men looked into each other’s eyes. What they saw was love, devotion and total commitment staring back at each of them.

Arm in arm they walked down the aisle. All the sets of parental eyes were shining with happy tears as their sons walked by. Elliot gave them a reassuring smile, as did Don.

Everyone settled into their seats and prepared for the ceremony to begin. Don’s strong voice rang out with strength and confidence.

“Family, friends we are all gathered here to witness the joining of these two men. Soon David and Oliver will turn from two separate beings to a couple. Let us celebrate their love and commitment as we listen to the vows they wish to share with each other.” Turning to Oliver, he continued, “Oliver, I believe you have something you would like to say to David.”

Oliver turned toward his young partner and took his hands in his. He took a deep breath before he began. “David, you are my happiness and my whole world. You are more than a partner to me; you are my soul mate and what make my heart beat. From the moment our eyes met, I knew you were the one for me. I promise to protect you, to take care of you and to reassure you in times of doubt. I will comfort and adore you until the end of my life and maybe even beyond that. Words alone will never be able to express how much I love you and to call you my husband is the ultimate joy and completion of my life.” He took the ring from Elliot and placed it on David’s ring finger of his left hand. “Accept this ring as a symbol of my love. It is not a symbol of possession but a symbol of partnership, commitment and adoration. You are my life and I am so proud to call you my husband.” Tears were streaming down his face as he completed his vows.

David’s face was also covered with tears and his lips trembled as they touched Oliver’s. It was now his turn. He took the other band from Elliot and with a shaky voice, he began his vows.

“Oliver, you are my salvation and my protector, my life and my conscience. Without you in my life, I may as well cease to exist. I was going through life with an empty space to fill; just going through the motions like a ship adrift on the water. I needed a safe harbor and like a lighthouse beacon, you lead me to the safety of the shore and your arms. You have accepted me for what I am and supported me in my chosen path. You walk with me down that path and you always carry me when the path gets too hard to handle. You are my life, my soul mate, my best friend and now my husband. I love and adore you more than my own life and I promise my total love, loyalty, commitment and fidelity. Please accept this ring as a sign of my commitment and love.” He then placed the ring on the ring finger of Oliver’s left hand. Once more the couple kissed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now witnessing the vows and commitment these two men have just shared with each other, with the power vested in me by the commonwealth of Massachusetts I now pronounce David and Oliver married. As a final symbol of your unity, please follow me up the stairs and together you will light the unity candle.”

Hand-in-hand David and Oliver followed Don and Elliot up the stairs as the band sang ‘Everyday’. When the candle was lit, Don turned the couple to face the crowd and once again stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. Oliver Newman and his husband, David Bradford-Newman.”

The crowd let out a loud cheer as David and Oliver made their way down the stairs, down the aisle and into the corridor. Once alone, they kissed passionately and let their hands roam in a promise of things to come.

The wedding reception went by in a blur. After the meal was served and eaten, speeches made and presents opened, the couple danced their first dance to the ‘The Perfect Gift’. As they looked into each other’s eyes and held each other tight, it as if they were the only ones in the room. They stayed for a short time and mingled with all their guests. Finally, Eric Fleming announced it was time for the two grooms to leave for their honeymoon.

Everyone gathered in a large circle as the wedding couple circled in opposite directions shaking hands and hugging everyone until they met and kissed each other. With a final good-bye, they left the reception and made their way to the honeymoon suite.

The door to the suite was barely closed when they were in tight embrace. They made love to each other like it was the first time. Oliver made sure David was fully satisfied before he gently raised his new husband’s legs unto his broad shoulders and after a minute of preparation, he entered David with passionate longing. Their hands entwined as they moved in rhythm. David moved his legs down to wrap them around Oliver’s waist so he could pull his as close as humanly possible. Oliver’s pace quickened as he felt his climax approach. He moved a hand down between himself and his new husband in order to bring David to another climax in conjunction with his own. They didn’t have to wait long. Sounds of totally ecstasy poured from their lips. Finally they lay in each other’s arms, spent and sweaty. They fell asleep only to awake an hour later to make love again.

David’s thoughts were interrupted as his new husband came out of the cabin bathroom. “Do you have to come in here before we leave for dinner at the Captains table?”

“No, my husband, I’m ready to go.”

Noticing the lump in David’s jeans, Oliver commented, “I can see that, my husband, but put those thoughts aside for an hour or two while we partake in some of the exquisite food this ship has to offer. Then I’ll take you back to our cabin and make love to you so hard, it won’t be just the waves rocking the ship.”

“I love you, Mr. Newman,” David stated with a small tint of pink showing on his cheeks.

“And I love you as well, Mr. Bradford-Newman.”

And so the men began their new life together as husband and husband.